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SGA Weekly Update: April 7

The Student Government Association met on April 5 to hear from Dr. Ken Jones. Additionally, the Executive Team of 2022-23 gave their parting words and Eagle Eye discussed upcoming events. 

The meeting began with Chancellor and President elect Dr. Ken Jones speaking about his forthcoming role as president. 

Jones explained the background of how he received his new position. 

“This is the fourth time Oklahoma Christian has talked to me about becoming their president,” Jones said. “This is the only time that seemed to fit into my life; we decided that this must be providential.” 

Jones said he is here to make Oklahoma Christian  better than it already is.

“I’m here to try to take Oklahoma Christian to a new and better place,” Jones said. “To be as it always has been; exceedingly student-friendly, distinctly Christian, to be open and extremely diverse.” 

The meeting transitioned into students asking Jones questions about the future of his presidency. 

When a student asked what he was looking forward to, Jones said he was excited to see God’s moving hand throughout campus.  

“I have seen several things take place recently, like the new Admissions team going into various places,” Jones said. “ I see things happening along the way; they can’t be explained except by the hand of God. I’m excited to be a part of this change.” 

Jones also said he was very hopeful for the campus’ future. 

“Higher education in all ranks is having difficulty; we are in difficult times,” Jones said. “Yet, we will go through these rough times and fight those battles, and I think we should be very hopeful.”

Jones briefly discussed changes being implemented and pushed his desire to further unify the campus community. 

“There are a lot of things we will keep the same, but there will be radical changes,” Jones said. “We will be a unified campus. We will have peace, love and harmony. I don’t want any more of this polarization. We are going to be bold in our proclamation in the unity of Christ.” 

Jones concluded by answering questions about the future of the diversity office after Gary Jones’ departure a few months prior. 

“I believe diversity has an area in student life, spiritual life, HR and academic life,” Jones said. “We understand as a team across campus the importance of embracing diversity. We are trying to figure out how to implement this, and we don’t have an answer right now, but we haven’t forgotten about it either.” 

Next, Eagle Eye presented upcoming campus events, including the Easter Egg Hunt on April 7 and the Taste of Soul food truck from 11-1 p.m. on April 12. 

Lastly, the current president of SGA, Micah Burk, shared closing remarks about Student Government and its future possibilities. 

“It has been a blessing, personally, for me to work with you all,”  Burk said. “I have received so much great feedback from others who have noticed SGA’s presence this year. Thank you so much for backing us and backing the vision of loving and serving.” 

The last Student Government meeting of the semester will take place on April 12, and will be led by the new Executive Team.

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