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Homecoming Philanthropy Committee Works on Campus Improvement Project

This year, the philanthropy committee at Oklahoma Christian University has named three different campus improvement options: a hammock park, outdoor furniture in the PEC courtyard or a new gas grill. Every year, the philanthropy committee chooses a charity project to raise money toward, and this year’s project aims to improve student life on campus.  

With the hammock park, students can put their hammocks in a shaded area to relax in the grass area between DAH and the Quad. The outdoor furniture provided would go in the PEC courtyard/atrium area.  The new gas grill would replace the charcoal one currently used for different events outside of the Student Center.

Grayson Ingram, the Philanthropy Director for this year’s Homecoming, explained how the philanthropy committee chose three options for the charity project.

“The theme of this Homecoming is ‘I dreamed a dream’, so we ask different departments and groups around campus to hear what a ‘dream’ was to help improve something at OC,” Ingram said. “The philanthropy committee thought through the requests, and we selected our top three for the student body to vote on.”

Ingram said the philanthropy project is for students, alumni and anyone connected to Oklahoma Christian who can give. 

“The special part of the Homecoming project is to raise money for something on campus to improve it,” Ingram said. “This year our committee wanted the student body more involved than in years past with both fundraising and the project itself.”

To increase student involvement, the philanthropy committee had the student body vote on the Homecoming Philanthropy project through a post on Instagram. They had to be students and follow the Homecoming 2021 Instagram page to vote. The option with the most likes would win. 

The voting ended on Oct. 16, and the philanthropy committee will announce the project between Oct. 18 and 22 on their Instagram. 

To involve students in the fundraising process, Ingram said this year’s fundraising involves dares.

“For the fundraising, the committee is having dares where each social club will have a ‘dare’ to make someone do something fun,” Ingram said. “Students can donate any amount to the dare they want to win, and whichever dare wins will be performed during the week of Homecoming.” 

Ingram said he was motivated for this year’s Homecoming.

“We felt like in past years, the philanthropy part of Homecoming can get overlooked, and I can admit that as the Homecoming Director for Kappa last year, it was placed on the far back burner of Homecoming things to think about,” Ingram said. “We are hoping that getting the student body more involved and building something everyone can use and enjoy will get excitement for the next philanthropy projects.”

Oklahoma Christian’s Homecoming is Nov. 5 and 6. The events, all in person, include a basketball game, student float exhibit, a musical and the Alumni Banquet. The Homecoming 2021 Instagram page will keep students updated regarding the philanthropy project and other Homecoming details.

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