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Last SGA Meeting

At the last Student Government (SGA) meeting of the semester, senators voted on a funding request and held an extensive discussion on off-campus housing restrictions.

Senior Austin Blount presented a funding request on behalf of Team Presiden, The team, consisting of engineering students, has worked for three semesters to create a more cost-effective system for refrigerating vaccines in third world countries.

This summer, the team will travel to Honduras to install a prototype of the refrigerator. Blunt requested a total of $750 to help cover the $5,138 cost of the trip. After voting, the funding request passed.

The SGA has persisted in communicating with the administration on the topic of off-campus housing for the majority of this school year. Last night, SGA sponsor Liz McElroy led a discussion on the positives and negatives of living on campus to report back to the administration.

With class officer elections ended, the SGA has a few events left to end the semester. Students will receive an email in the near future about the campus-wide Easter egg hunt.

Additionally, the Arcadian Wild will come to campus tomorrow to perform for students. Admission is free, and sophomore Tucker Fuller will open up for the band.

On Tuesday, April 16, the Campus Spirit Committee will have a baseball cookout and tank top giveaway.

To end their last meeting, senators shared their highs and lows from the year. Fighting tears, executives also gave well wishes to their peers. Senior Taylor Dodson shared her advice with attendees.

“I’ll remember the people that confided in me because it felt safe to do so,” Dodson said. “I will remember the people I worked with every day. I will remember the people I can’t even imagine a meeting without, let alone life without. That’s what I hope for you guys, is that you find those people through your college career and through your life, and you never forget them.”


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