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SGA approves funding requests

During a busy SGA meeting, attendees discussed three funding requests as well as a new attendance policy for senators.

Homecoming organizers Austin Johnson and Hunter Cabe gave SGA members a recap of Homecoming. While the festivities are not technically over because of the Magic Flute production, they plan to come just under budget.

Junior Jacob Knox asked the duo if they would allow social service clubs to view the point document to determine who won Homecoming. However, Johnson said the point document will not change the placements.

“I don’t have a problem showing the points doc, but historically—especially last year at Spring Sing when the point doc got out—it didn’t really help. It only hurt the campus,” Johnson said. “I don’t want to hurt the campus by releasing the point doc.”

Senior education majors Natalie Little and Kyleigh Marquez presented a funding request for $500 to attend a national education conference. Last year, the students won the “Day of Excellence” at Oklahoma Christian University and will present the same research to a conference for professionals.

Knox also submitted a funding request for the annual Chi Christmas party. As the only Christmas party on campus organized by students, the club requested $1,000. Half of the money will go toward purchasing a giant inflatable snow globe. The party will occur Saturday, Dec. 7, with all students invited.

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