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SGA funding requests

Due to the snow day last week, the Student Government Association (SGA) had additional material to catch up on during last night’s meeting.

Oklahoma Christian University graduate Lucas Hayworth shared some general information about Oklahoma Christian’s new esports program. Other than the success of the industry at large, Lucas said the program has prospective students.

According to Hayworth, the program provides a “holistic experience for all majors and all programs.” With a total of 17 leaders, the club currently has 60 students as members.

Professor Alden Bass presented on behalf of the Celebration of Excellence Committee. Bass requested $750 to provide student participants with breakfast during the event.

President of the American Marketing Association Emily Cochran requested $800 to allow members of the club to attend the international collegiate conference in New Orleans, March 12-14.

Youth ministry majors Nikki Larson and Austin Peace requested $1,000 from the SGA to pay a fraction of the cost of their National Conference for Youth Ministers event. Though the event occurred last month, the students wanted to reimburse Dudley Chancey, who paid for all of their accommodations, transportation and food. 

With the new cafeteria in operation, UDining approached the SGA for a solution to a newfound problem. Students are wasting an abundance of food by taking more than one entree and only eating one. According to Oklahoma Christian club coordinator Katie Martinez, this problem is a “giant waste of money and a giant waste of food.”

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