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SGA holds town hall and weekly meeting

The Student Government Association (SGA) had a “productive week” last week with a meeting and town hall.

At the meeting Wednesday night, guest speaker and Chief Operations Officer for Oklahoma Christian University Jeff Dimick spoke to the SGA attendees about student retention rates. After his presentation, he opened the floor for suggestions about how to increase retention rates especially among non-Church of Christ students.

Executive Treasurer Hunter Cabe updated the SGA on their budget for the semester. The students have spent approximately $6,000 of their $46,000 budget.

The SGA will vote on a constitutional proposal next week to lower GPA requirements for non-executive SGA representatives to 2.0 to diversify SGA members. Last year, the SGA voted to increase the GPA requirement to 2.5.

At the town hall Thursday night, SGA attendees and students had the opportunity to raise questions and make suggestions toward the SGA executives.

The campus improvements committee will have “a lot to do” this semester after discussion at the town hall. Students complained mostly about potholes on the roads surrounding the campus and the dangerous levels of lighting at night.

Students also raised questions about the new frozen yogurt machine on campus. According to President Tyler Clark, the machine did not cost the university any money. Additionally, UDining receives 10 percent of all sales.

Vice President Taylor Dotson spoke about a new bylaw allowing each department to have a representative for their college. Part of this new academic position will include monitoring classes to make sure each course has the same level of difficulty. The SGA plans to talk with Chief Academic Officer Scott LaMascus to discuss how to improve academics on campus.

According to Dotson, chair of the activities committees, “Date Week” will look different this year. For starters, the week has a new name, “Eagles in Paradise.” The events will mostly take place on Oklahoma Christian’s campus and will provide activities for students in and out of relationships.

The SGA plans to conduct additional town hall meetings at least once a month throughout the semester.

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