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SGA hosts guest speakers

At last night’s SGA meeting, senators listened to multiple guest speakers discuss funding requests and the academic schedule at Oklahoma Christian.

Students Turner Smith and Brighton Frost submitted a funding request for Oklahoma Christian’s mock trial team. In only its second year, the Rice Bowl invitational in Houston, TX invited the university’s collegiate team to compete. The group will debate against state schools such as the University of Alabama.

The team requested money to cover the price of gas, housing and general registration. Last year, Oklahoma Christian Chief Legal Officer Stephen Eck had to help contribute to the cost of the trip out if his own pocket.

“One of the major reasons why I eventually decided to come to Oklahoma Christian was for their mock trial program because I already knew I wanted to go to law school,” Frost said. “When you’re a freshman they sort of group you together, and I got to know a lot of the upperclassmen and form those really deep relationships.”

Associate Dean for Academics Stephanie Baird presented ideas about extending Thanksgiving break to an entire week. To accommodate these extra days, the university will consider removing Fall Break, starting school 2-3 days early or making no change to the Thanksgiving schedule totally.

In a sample survey, 64% of students and staff preferred the option of starting school a few days earlier.

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