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SGA Weekly Update

At last night’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, senators went over their new attendance policy and met with their committees in small groups for the first time.

Secretary Audrey Redfearn went over SGA’s new attendance policy, which eliminates proxies and utilizes a new absence form. Senators may have a total of six absences in a semester. If a senator skips over 6 times, they must meet with the executives and face possible disbanding.

The organization approved three funding requests, including an Alpha Movie Knight, Various Brew Activities and Disco at the Rolling Rink, which will take place this Friday from 11 pm-1 am at Star Skate in Midwest City. Student Admission is $6.

Student organizations may request funds from the “outside bodies” portion of the SGA budget. If requests exceed $340, a vote comes before the senate. Furthermore, appropriations can only cover 50% of the total cost for an event.

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