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Students elect 2018-2019 SGA officers

Oklahoma Christian University’s Student Government Association (SGA) election for 2018-2019 recently concluded, allowing newly elected officers to begin preparing for the upcoming school year.

The student body re-elected senior Tyler Clark as SGA President. Clark said he loves Oklahoma Christian and is thrilled with the results of the election. He said the campaign process was a good opportunity for him to refocus on his overall vision for the students on campus.

“Last year after being elected, I experienced the honeymoon pizazz and sparkle, because it was so new and exciting,” Clark said. “Now that the honeymoon phase is over, I know how much work, time and energy this position takes. I am approaching the year with the focus and determination required to do a good job.”

Clark said he chose to run again for the position of president because he knew his previous experience and commitment to the job had prepared him to serve effectively again. He said he and the rest of SGA want to hear what students have to say and encourage them to share their thoughts.

“I want the student body to know that they have elected excellent executives,” Clark said. “This new group is pumped to serve and ready to meet the needs of our peers.”

Junior Taylor Dotson secured the SGA vice president position after enduring two run-off elections. Dotson said the process taught her to adjust her campaign approach and allowed her to show the student body how committed she is to the position.

“I initially chose to be in SGA because I wanted to make positive changes on OC’s campus,” Dotson said. “Like I said in my speech, no one should ever feel like they don’t have a place here. I know we won’t be able to cater to absolutely every student, but that won’t stop me from trying.”

Although Dotson said she is still adjusting to the news of her election, she is excited to begin working on plans for next school year. She said the SGA executive officers are committed to serving the student body and creating a positive environment.

“Immediately after I found out [I was elected], I felt so much gratitude,” Dotson said. “I was overwhelmed by support the past few weeks. I just want the student body to know how much they are cared for at OC—not just by passionate students, but by faculty, staff and administration.”

Sophomore Hunter Cabe will serve as SGA treasurer next school year and ran for the position unopposed. Although Cabe lacked an opponent during the election, he said he still saw it necessary to campaign on campus so students would recognize him. Cabe said he chose to run for treasurer because of his passion for the position and encouragement from two other executive treasurers.

“I feel very honored to be elected to this position,” Cabe said. “I was a freshmen class treasurer before, and I really loved being a part of something bigger than myself that allowed me to help so many people.”

Cabe said he is looking forward to effectively managing the SGA budget and utilizing it to accomplish student goals and Oklahoma Christian community goals. He said he wants any students who need funding for a campus event to consider placing a funding request to SGA and welcomes any questions students may have about SGA’s budget for the year.

“I’ve seen the joy that people have had as a result of getting money from SGA to help towards different OC community goals and it makes me happy to make others happy,” Cabe said. “I knew I wanted to help as many people as I could while at OC, and for me, I knew that meant running for the executive treasurer position.”

Junior Molly Peterson will serve the student body as SGA secretary. Throughout the election process, Peterson said she saw candidates treat each other with kindness and respect. She said she chose to run for the position because she wanted to work with the other senators to serve students on campus.

“I feel absolutely overjoyed about being elected as secretary,” Peterson said. “I have so many awesome visions for what the relationship between SGA and the student body could be, and I’m excited for the opportunity to implement some new things.”

Peterson said she is excited to help improve the school’s campus and advocate for the things students are passionate about. She said her commitment to the position grew as she worked alongside the other candidates and saw how much they care for the university.

“I definitely wished I had time to explain to the student body that I’ve really invested in them in my time here at OC already and that I will continue to do so for the rest of my time here,” Peterson said. “I want the executive committee for next school year to be super involved with a multitude of things on campus and approachable to everyone—otherwise, we aren’t doing our jobs in representing the entire student body.”

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