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Donald Trump: Hero, Villain or Neither?

By Nat Barrack

You’ve seen the headlines: “Trump is still a deranged threat to America,” “Yes, half of Trump supporters are racist,” “Trump dismissed half of America as losers.”

Never in modern American history has a candidate been so rabidly assailed by the mainstream media. Although the Bush presidency was subject to overt hostility on the part of the news, Donald Trump is facing an industry that has thrown out its founding principle of objectivity in order to stop him.

The major email leak that surfaced during the Democratic National Convention revealed how the party had paid people to “riot” at Trump’s rallies. It is clear both the leftist media and the party it shields are justifying any means necessary in order to topple America’s most polarizing man.

This election year has been vastly different than those of the past. It was evident the situation was abnormal when 18 different candidates began the race for the Republican nomination. Career politicians like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were among the field, as well as proven intellectuals like Ben Carson and Rand Paul.

Amidst the madness on the right stood Trump, a candidate that made many in the Republican Party cringe while their counterparts on the left snickered. Few analysts gave Trump much of a chance, and yet, one by one, candidates continued to drop out as Trump only gained momentum. Trump shocked the Republican Party by winning the nomination and now it is possible he will shock the world.

Trump is often criticized by his detractors for being divisive but in reality, the uncouth businessman is shining a light on the divide that already exists. As the nation’s debt continues to soar, so too have the tensions among the American populace. Few reasonable Americans can say that they believe the situation in this country is improving. Racial strife, economic disparity, illegal immigration and the threat of terrorism are all on the rise. The modern political establishment is not failing us — it has already failed.

Ironically, the madness lies not with the candidate whom the media proclaims is mentally unstable, but with those who would vote blindly for the establishment candidate who will certainly maintain the status quo that has gotten America into such a mess.

So how does a man with so many forces aligned against him continue to garner support?

Trump has finally done what countless other conservative candidates promised to do but never would. He has tapped into the true sentiments of the American middle class and the blue-collar workforce by being unafraid to voice his beliefs on the world stage. In an age where many American academics and politicians alike shudder at the mere thought of touting America’s exceptionalism and rights of sovereignty, Trump has blared those ideals loudly.

When speaking, he is never ashamed, never afraid and always the patriot. Trump isn’t a perfect candidate by any stretch of the imagination, but America needs to realize if it intends to wait for a knight in shining armor as its leader, it will wait indefinitely. Some see Trump as risky choice for president, but if the trajectory of this great nation is to be diverted, he is a risk that needs to be taken.


Nat Barrack is a junior at Oklahoma Christian University. 

The opinions of guest columnists are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Talon or Oklahoma Christian University. Guest opinions are presented to foster public debate on important topics and comments should be respectful and signed.

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