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Sneaky Stopgap Spending

Democrats in Congress shake national headlines with the proposal of a stopgap spending bill to fund federal agencies and the federal government through Dec. 16th.

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, the U.S. Senate voted to move forward with a funding bill authored by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).  The bill detailed the funding of the federal government while paying many Democrat-desired policies simultaneously.

In an effort to avoid a political image disaster from a partial government shutdown this close to the 2022 Midterm Elections, Democrats hastily wrote up legislation to, as always, conceal the truth about how disastrous their leadership has proved for the country. 

Their quick actions came f after the original measure contained partisan funding initiatives, which Schumer introduced at the suggestion of Senator Manchin. The initiative proposed would have overhauled how the government approves energy permits and the process of approval. 

Democrats knew funding for the federal government was set to cease by the end of the week and the lawmakers’ decision to add the initiative into the Continuing Resolution was met with opposition from Republicans, who saw the move as too partisan for federal funding and rightly so.

Congress’ clambering was mainly due to legislators efforts to “pass some form of a Continuing Resolution, or ‘CR,’ to avert a partial government shutdown,” even though “previous estimates show the vast majority of the federal government remained fully operational during a shutdown, with only about 17 percent of total federal operations ceasing during such an event,” according to The Federalist

Once again, Democrats are using an event as a political advancement point, using the shutdown as a way to push more funding through to federal agencies, Biden and other entities before the political landscape is expected to change come November.

Multiple Republicans have voiced their concern with Democrats using the opportunity to push one-sided government funding through Congress. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) is  a leading voice on the matter and embodies most Republicans’ concern. 

The Republican from Alabama wrote on Twitter, earlier Tuesday that ‘we have made significant progress toward a CR that is as clean as possible,’” Shelby continued, “‘But, if Democrats insist on including permitting reform, I will oppose it. Passing a clean CR will allow us to focus on completing the FY23 appropriations process before the end of this year,’” according to a recent article from the Washington Examiner.

The Continuing Resolution also provides more spending for Ukraine’s war efforts: “The spending provisions remaining in the stopgap spending bill include $12.3 billion in new money to help Ukraine turn back Russia’s invasion,” according to Reuters.

In another instance of Democrat-fashion, the American economy continues to produce lackluster results while inflation continues to increase, but yes, Democrats, let’s contribute more to the government spending pool. 

U.S. citizens are feeling the impact in their bank accounts while the Democrat-controlled Congress ignore the public’s woes and do what they see fit  for the country. 

Cracking open a history book shows  ignoring the public for long enough produces bad results, especially with finances. Something similar happened in America back in the 1770s and it produced a rude awakening for the political elite. 

One can only wonder how much farther Democrats in Congress will continue to soil their own image before the people cast their votes and make their voices heard in November.

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