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Intramural All-Star Basketball Game: Oklahoma Christian vs. Southern Nazarene

At the conclusion of the intramural basketball season, Oklahoma Christian tested their talent and skill against the intramural best of local rival Southern Nazarene University on Tuesday, March 10.

Southern Nazarene traveled to The Nest Tuesday night to take on men selected from each club at Oklahoma Christian in the sixth annual All-Star Game.

The team comprised of 15 players; however, nine guys played on Tuesday night. The players were selected by the male athletic directors. The nine players were coached by Oklahoma varsity basketball players Harrison Martin and Connor Johnson.

Johnson and Martin coached the guys well, using size and speed to their advantage.

In the first 20 minutes of action, senior Asa Kingsley used his strength to own the paint, scoring quick put-backs and layups. Kingsley also shot well from behind the arc to give the Eagles a back-and-forth lead over Southern Nazarene.

Freshman Desmond Rolle played quick on the defensive end, grabbing a few steals to get quick transition points for Oklahoma Christian baskets.

Southern Nazarene put up a fight in the first half, trading baskets with Oklahoma Christian. The Crimson Storm shot the ball well from the three-point line to get them within one point at halftime, 36-35.

Oklahoma Christian took the break at halftime and reentered the second half on fire. Quick transition points and consistent range shooting gave them a solid lead early into the second. The score was 50-37 at 13 minutes in the second half.

Rolle and Kingsley continued to play well for Oklahoma Christian in the second half. Kingsley grabbed rebounds and continued to score in the paint, while Rolle hit some big shots to give Oklahoma Christian the notable All-Star win over Southern Nazarene.

After the game, Oklahoma Christian was presented with the All-Star Game trophy, and Desmond Rolle was chosen as the intramural athlete of the week. He finished with 15 points.

Name: Desmond Rolle

Club: Freshmen

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Nassau, The Bahamas

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Q: What do you enjoy about playing intramurals?

A: I enjoy the amount of energy and passion the clubs have while playing and also supporting.

Q: Why do you enjoy playing basketball?

A: Playing basketball was always something I could do to take my mind off of everything going on around me.

Q: How did it feel to be selected for the All-Star Game? 

A: It felt great to be selected as a freshman and play with some of the guys from the other clubs.

Q: How did it feel to win the All-Star Game?

A: Winning the All-Star Game for OC was great, and we were really happy we brought the trophy back.

Selected Full Roster:

Asa Kingsley—Delta Gamma Sigma

Zabdiel Lopez-Pagan—Delta Gamma Sigma

Kellen Ferguson—Delta Gamma Sigma

Jordan King—Delta Gamma Sigma

Jarail Allen—Delta Gamma Sigma

Nathaniel Garner—Chi Lambda Phi

Montana Myer—Chi Lambda Phi

Brendan King—Chi Lambda Phi

Jackson Phillips—Chi Lambda Phi

Zach Johnson—Chi Lambda Phi

Kade Phillips—Chi Lambda Phi

Levi Whiddon—Freshmen

Tanner German—Freshmen

Desmond Rolle—Freshmen

Bobby Chapman—Kappa Sigma Tau

Jonathan Olsson—Kappa Sigma Tau

Caleb Elmore—Kappa Sigma Tau

The bolded names played Tuesday night. The others were selected and honored by the selection, but could not attend the game for various reasons.

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