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Intramural Athlete of the Week

Genevieve Decker


1) What is your goal when it comes to intramurals and soccer?

My goal would be to play with my sisters and to have a fun time. I also just love soccer and didn’t realize how much I missed playing it.

2) What do you want you along with Theta to accomplish this season?

This season I just want us to be able to have fun and just enjoy spending time together. 

3) What is your favorite thing about intramurals?

My favorite thing about intramurals is getting exercise and just spending time with my sisters.

Brady Branson

Chi A 

Hale Center, TX

1) What is your goal in basketball for chi?

My goal in basketball is for chi to win the championship.

2) What do you want chi to accomplish this season?

I want us to win all sports through winning basketball.

3) What do you bring to the table in basketball?

I am a point guard who can shoot threes pretty well.

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