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Intramural Athlete of the Week

Hayden Harjo

Lambda Chi Zeta

Seminole, Oklahoma

1)What is your favorite part of Intramurals?

I love getting to spend time with my club and friends every week and the constant dance parties on the sidelines never leave a dull moment.

2) What do you think you bring to the team?

I’m a pretty competitive person, but I try to have as much fun as I can while playing intramurals and try not to focus on the just winning part. 

3) What has been your goal for Lambda and or yourself during the season?

 Being a new club, I just want Lambda to thrive in any way it can. We definitely should not be overlooked though. Those girls can bring some heat.

Jordan King 

Delta A

Granbury, Texas

1)How do you feel winning the championship for Delta?

 It felt great winning the championship considering it’s my senior year and will be the last team playing for Delta. The past couple years we made it to the championship but fell short, so making the comeback we did to win was a great feeling.

2) What did you bring to the table for basketball?

I’d have to say I brought the defensive presence for Delta. I’m the guy who screams at everyone during the game. I guess I’m kind of the hype man while we’re playing.

3) What was your favorite part in the season?

I’d say my favorite part of the season was just being able to spend time with the members in Delta. Sharing moments with those guys is a pretty unforgettable feeling. When someone wins in Delta, everyone wins. Nobody’s success is taken as their own, so winning the championship wasn’t just for the guys on the team, it was for everyone in club.

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