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Intramural Athletes of the Week: Jan. 29-Feb. 8

Intramural Female Athlete of the Week

Name: Kaleigh Seitz

Club: Theta Theta Theta

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Glen Allen, VA

Major: Nursing

Sport: Swimming


Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020: The women’s swim meet happens once a year during this spring semester. Each club competes in relays and individual races for points. Some girls come to have fun, while others come to compete. Seitz came to compete, swimming impressive times in several events to secure first place for Theta at the swim meet.

Q: Why did you want to participate in swimming intramurals?

A: “I love to swim, and I wanted to help my club win some points. Go Theta!”

Q: What is your favorite memory from playing intramurals with your club?

A: “My favorite memory from playing intramurals with Theta is our club cheer at the end of every game and meet. It’s a nice way to come together and focus on the important things—win or lose.”

Intramural Male Athlete of the Week

Name: Jackson Phillips

Club: Chi Lambda Phi

Year: Senior

Hometown: Edmond, OK

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Sport: Basketball A Team


Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020: Currently in first place in the men’s A league, Chi Lambda Phi has been dominating on the basketball court. Late Tuesday night, Phillips drained 10 threes to give Chi a big win over Delta. The game stayed close in the beginning, but in clutch moments Phillips hit multiple shots to regain the momentum and secure the win for Chi.

Q: Why did you want to play basketball intramurals?

A: “I wanted to play intramural basketball because I love getting out there on the court with the bros in Chi and shooting some hoops.”

Q: What do you enjoy about playing intramurals?

A: “The thing I most enjoy about playing intramurals has to be never losing an All Sports title in all my years at OC—four out of four.”

Intramural Athletes of the Week are chosen weekly by the Talon’s Sports Editor, based on performances throughout each week’s intramural games. To nominate an athlete, please email Morgan Boling at

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