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Spring Semester Begins: All-Sports Update

As Oklahoma Christian University welcomes students back to campus, intramurals kick off next week with the 2020 basketball season.

The fall semester ended with volleyball. Gamma Rho defeated the Freshmen, and Chi Lambda Phi beat Delta Gamma Sigma to claim the A-League Volleyball Championship Title.

With basketball season approaching, clubs sit in tight races for the title of All-Sports Champion.

The reigning Men’s All-Sports Champions, Chi Lambda Phi, currently sit in first place after the fall semester. On the women’s side, the fight remains close with the reigning Women’s All-Sports Champions, Gamma Rho, leading by four points over the Freshman.

The spring semester brings several opportunities for clubs to gain points to grow their lead or for a new champion to arise. The spring semester includes the big sports—basketball and soccer—and smaller sports—swimming, free throw competition, doubles Ping Pong and doubles pool.

The All-Sports Champion will be announced at the end of the spring semester.

Below are the current All-Sports standings:

Female All-Sports Standings:

  1. Gamma Rho—460 points
  2. Freshman Women—456 points
  3. Theta Theta Theta—320 points
  4. Iota Kappa Phi—192 points
  5. Phi Omega Nu—22 points

Male All-Sports Standings:

  1. Chi Lambda Phi—603 points
  2. Delta Gamma Sigma—397 points
  3. Kappa Sigma Tau—390 points
  4. Freshman Men—301 points
  5. Psi Epsilon—31 points
  6. Alpha Gamma Omega—13 points
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