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Quarantine Watchlist for April 3

Yet another week has gone by with us quarantined in our homes, now by government order. School is still graciously providing many of us with plenty to do, regardless of what we might have expected going into isolation. However, most everyone is bound to have more free time now and will find themselves scrolling through Netflix or Hulu, desperately in search of entertaiment. In hopes to relieve this boredom, here are my additions to the quarantine watchlist for the week of April 3, 2020.


Groundhog Day (Netflix)

This past couple of weeks, it really has felt like I, and I assume many of you, have been living through the same day over and over again. Why not visit or revisit the movie which practically turned that feeling into its very own genre? “Groundhog Day” follows arrogant and obnoxious local TV weatherman Phil—played superbly by Bill Murray—as he is inexplicably forced to relive the same day, Groundhog Day, over and over again. In addition to Murray’s performance and the oft-copied premise, the film also boasts an amazingly structured and creative screenplay and amazing comedic direction from Dr. Egon Spangler himself, the late, great Harold Ramis. If you have yet to see “Groundhog Day,” do yourself a favor by checking out one of the best, if not the best, romantic comedies, and comedies period, ever made. 

The Social Network (Netflix)

I already praised this movie at length in my best films of the 2010s list, so I will keep this brief. “The Social Network” is an immensely engrossing and ever relevant drama which tells the origin story, fictionalized though it may be, of a social media empire and its relentless leader. Definitely give it a watch. 

28 Days Later (Hulu)

One of the best zombie movies out there and a clear influence on TV juggernaut “The Walking Dead,” “28 Days Later” is required viewing for any fans of horror, monster movies or good filmmaking. It is yet another gem in the catalogue of the ever versatile Danny Boyle (“127 Hours,” “Trainspotting” and “Slumdog Millionaire”).


The Great British Baking Show (Netflix)

Cooking competitions are essentially the only genre of reality TV which I cannot only tolerate but genuinely enjoy. I do enjoy American offerings like “Chopped” and “Hell’s Kitchen,” but sometimes the fast-paced editing, overly intense music and needless cliffhangers between commercial breaks can be a little irritating. Over spring break, I was enthralled to come across “The Great British Baking Show.” It is just as bingeable as the American shows but so much more relaxing. If you want a show which requires little brain power and can easily kill a few hours, I cannot recommend “The Great British Baking Show” enough.

Community (Netflix)

From the creator and writer behind Adult Swim’s mega-hit “Rick and Morty,” “Community” is a loving parody/satire of the sitcom format which also takes advantage of the extreme storytelling freedom it allows. With loveable, oddball characters and densely packed with jokes, “Community” is an excellent and enjoyable way to ease your boredom and will make you feel like you have friends in this lonely time. My first semester freshman year would have been worse without it.

Drew Eckhart is a junior history and pre-law major from Edmond, OK. He has loved movies for as long as he can remember but thinks his passion really began when he watched “The Dark Knight” for the first time. His favorite type of movie blends comedy and drama seamlessly, and he loves great action films.  His favorite movie is “The Graduate.”

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