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The Arcadian Wild at Oklahoma Christian University

The Arcadian Wild delivered a spectacle of beauty to students at Oklahoma Christian University on Friday, April 12. Performing in the beautiful amphitheater, which is the Oklahoma Christian Forum, they put on a show under the moonlight for everyone to enjoy their unique montage of bluegrass and indie-folk.

Founded in 2013 at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, the band is comprised of Isaac Horn, Lincoln Mick and Paige Park. Over the past five years, they have transformed themselves from a hometown college band into nationally-known folk artists.

Citing their biggest influencers in an interview with Two Story Melody as “Nickel Creek, Punch Brothers, Alison Krauss, Sarah Jarosz, Julian Lage, Relient K, Eric Whitacre [and] The Tallest Man on Earth,” you can clearly draw a direct comparison from these bands to their unique style.

Their stage presence resembles greatly that of Kristian Mattson of The Tallest Man on Earth. The flashiness of lights and movement is overshadowed by their music. They do not have the need to enhance their presence with all of the extra flash and glam; they let their music do the talking.

Extravagant set design and heavy lights tend to distract the audience from the music, leading people to get more caught up in the party of a concert as opposed to the art the musicians are producing. The Arcadian Wild realized this and made the music the center of their performance.

Using this technique, they wowed the audience with songs from their upcoming album, which is set to release later this year. Their new songs give the same Arcadian Wild vibe we have grown to love and appreciate. Not wavering much from their iconic sound, the upcoming songs on their new album do not disappoint by any means. In addition to playing the upcoming album, they also performed old fan favorites “Leila” and “Rain Clouds.”

The crowd was swept away by the beautiful voice and instrumentals of the band. The Arcadian Wild is a band who was meant to be heard live. Hearing them over the phone is one thing, but when you see them live, the voice resonates with something deep inside your body. You can look up and see the passion and fire in each member’s eyes as they perform this music. The moonlight and setting added to the fullness of the show. It, in addition to the music, brought everything together.

After the main event, The Arcadian Wild put on an intimate, private show for a limited amount of people in Oklahoma Christian’s coffee shop, The Brew. For the price of five dollars, people could hear The Arcadian Wild in a small and friendly atmosphere.

Playing more of a mixture of old and new songs, they put on an even more unforgettable show. Interacting with audience members and giving a friendly vibe, audience members left entranced by the beauty of their music.

The Arcadian Wild found a sound which works and draws people in. With a year stacked with shows and gigs, it is only a matter of time before they break out and become a household name. The lyrical beauty of this band is something to marvel over. The art they produce deserves to be heard by the world.

Reese Gorman is a sophomore journalism major from Schertz, TX. He is passionate about music because he believes it has a unique way of bringing people together and it brings him joy. Reese’s favorite artist is The 1975 and his favorite genre of music is Indie/Alternative. In his free time, Reese enjoys golfing, reading and writing.

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