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Behind the scenes of Spring Sing

President spills stories of Kappa Spring Sing lock-in

Written by: Spenser Bolte

There is a part of Spring Sing that I single out as my favorite, other than the actual shows (and in all reality, probably more than Saturday afternoon’s show, let’s be honest). Some people hate it, some people love it: The Lock-In.

I am a rather big fan of shenanigans, and this is the event where THE single-most amount of shenanigans happen.

There may be some who read this and throw up in their mouths a little bit, because the lock-in is usually the most work and hardest practice that is done.

Some clubs take lock-ins super seriously and have up to three of them. Some clubs don’t even have a lock-in (a crying shame if you ask me).

Kappa, the club I affiliate with, finds itself in the middle of these extremes. We are rather notorious for pulling together our show near the end of the season, and usually this happens at the lock-in. Thus, we do take it serious enough to get business done; however, we also goof off a lot.

It is not uncommon for us to be dancing for large amounts of time. It is also common for a decent chunk of that dancing to not be Spring Sing related, but instead large dance parties to Lonely Island.

To this day, we have inside jokes passed around from lock-ins of old.

Looking for a good time this Spring Sing season? I strongly suggest a Kappa lock-in (minor detail: we won’t let you in; however, I still suggest it). Some may be dreading their upcoming lock-in(s); I personally am pretty stoked.

Don’t take life (or Spring Sing) too seriously, no one gets out alive…at least the life part.


Alpha Spring Sing director shares the stresses of preparing a show

Written by: Charles O’Hara

A little less than a year ago, I was elected as one of the Spring Sing directors for Alpha Gamma Omega. From then on, I made the vow to sit down, plan the show and make the best AGO Spring Sing performance that this university has ever seen.

After months of planning, writing and collaborating, I’ve come to learn a very important lesson on this matter: It is absolutely impossible.

Let me elaborate on that. When you’re a director, you tend to get caught up in all the details: lyrics, choreography, enlisting volunteers, scheduling practices, etc.

This kind of stress is enough to leave even the most disciplined worker tossing in bed from nightmares of standing alone on stage doing the Macarena in his underwear in front of thousands of people

We tend to forget that we are not alone, as if there were any way we could single-handedly create the best show ever seen.

The role of director is very important to the production of Spring Sing, but it is just one of many roles to be played.

The perfect show is made from the perseverance of all the members involved. And even so, such perfection demands one more quality, something that can never be done alone. That quality is found in the time spent with our club, from the drawing board to the final “curtain call.”

The memories made with our brothers throughout the show are what make Spring Sing immortal in the eyes of the club, and no other aspect takes precedence.

This isn’t my show — it’s Alpha’s show — and the same thing goes for every club.

So whether you’re a participant or a spectator, enjoy the performance.


Omega provides no-effort entertainment

Written by: Daniel Wheat

For all of my five years at this school, the question I have heard most frequently is not “is class cancelled?” “what’s for dinner in the caf?” or even “what’s up?”

It’s “What is Omega doing for Spring Sing?”

By now people should already know that our theme will forever be “_____ meets techno rave parties.”

People don’t generally have much of an understanding of WHY Omega does Spring Sing.

We spend at least a semester’s worth of meetings (sounds more dramatic than saying one meeting) trying to decide whether or not we can participate in Spring Sing.

Generally, we still have no clue by the time it rolls around.

To be honest, I’m not sure why people always expect Omega to be in Spring Sing. It’s not like we have a great track record for doing things that require effort.

Our homecoming float was a shopping cart covered in cardboard that we painted five minutes before the parade.

Our stereotype is literally “The club that does nothing.”

So why DO we do Spring Sing?

I’m not sure I even have a definite answer to this question, but there are three major contributing factors to our participation.

First, there is  peer pressure.

Each spring an amazing phenomenon occurs: all the pretty girls who don’t normally associate with Omegans seem to express an amazingly high amount of interest in Omega Spring Sing.

Phrases that are commonly heard include, “Oh I really hope you guys do Spring Sing,” and “Omega is my favorite.”

This tends to provide more motivation for Omegans to show up to “practices.”

Athough, we don’t actually practice, we just sit around and watch YouTube videos.

Second, there is the money-money-money.

We don’t really care if the world dances, frankly we think that would be really awkward.

Each year when Omega participates (without getting fined out of all of our earnings), we are able to put on one awesome banquet, or just pay everyone’s dues.

Reason number three?

We enjoy it.

Omega has never viewed Spring Sing as a competition. We do it to entertain other people and ourselves.

And of course, our terrible coordination and lack of “choreography” skills makes everyone else look infinitely better!

Unfortunately, Omega will not be able to participate in Spring Sing this semester. However, they will usher the performances instead.

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