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Changes to the Oklahoma Christian Police Department

The Oklahoma Christian University Police Department has undergone significant changes within the past few months.

Some of the changes involve new officer hires as well as a survey for students, staff and faculty members to give feedback to the department.

Police Captain Michael deMarc Lyon said the OCPD has needed extra officers to fill vacancies within the department and also said these new officers are highly qualified.

“In [fulfilling these vacancies], we collectively now have experienced officers that were employed by some of the largest agencies within Oklahoma.” deMarc Lyon said. “The University police department has focused on recruiting qualified personnel who are able to relate and be a part of the college community.”

DeMarc Lyon also said the OCPD has well over 145 years of experience between seven full-time officers and four reserve officers.

Regarding the newly implemented survey, students, employees, as well as other community members, will be able to evaluate the police department’s interactions without any fear or recourse.

“This year, the Oklahoma Christian University Police Department has directly focused on personal relations with the faculty, staff and students,.” deMarc Lyon said. “OC is determined and focused on the positive feedback of our community, and we have accepted the challenge to participate in their desires.”

The OCPD’s golf carts and police cars will be equipped with a QR code that would allow access to an anonymous survey.

Students can see the full survey here.

Sophomore Nicholas Gimotty said he likes the idea of the new survey.

“It’s important for students to give their opinions on how the police department is functioning,” Gimotty said., “Being able to do it anonymously and simply scanning a QR code seems like an easy way for students to give their opinions.”

For the past decade, the OCPD has protected the life and property of all individuals on the Oklahoma Christian campus.

The OCPD is the only 24-hour department on campus.

“You can call [the Department] at ANY time for ANY thing,” the Campus Safety page on said., “Lost keys to a dorm, have a flat tire, need a jump start, you were studying late across campus and would feel more comfortable with an escort to your dorm, our campus police are here for you.”

deMarc Lyon said something similar.

“We believe that the campus community deserves law enforcement that can act as a protective and preventive force, a force that can respond intelligently, swiftly and effectively to any emergency or other situation.” deMarc Lyon said.

Senior Jack Manry said all his interactions with the campus police have been good.

“All my interactions were for my friend’s medical emergencies,” Manry said. “The campus police got down there quickly, were very helpful and helped calm the situation down.”

Students and staff can visit Campus Police office Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., with a closure for lunch between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Campus police can also be reached at (405) 425-5500.

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