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Colin Powers shares his experience as communication design major

Who’s Who Among Students is a national award that recognizes students who excel in scholastic achievement. At Oklahoma Christian University, 125 students reached the Who’s Who list. In an upper level journalism class, students interviewed 13 names off of the list.

By Collin Davis

Colin Powers is a Texas-raised student with an eye for art, pursuing dreams of 3D modeling after receiving a degree in communication design this spring.

Powers was homeschooled prior to his time at Oklahoma Christian University. During his high school years, Powers said some of his favorite memories included playing baseball as a catcher, pitcher and first baseman.

Powers began school at Oklahoma Christian in the fall of 2013. Although Powers said although he understood the high demands of his major, he knew he could handle it.

Powers is a member of social service club, Psi Epsilon, where he served as the historian this school year.

Powers said throughout his years at Oklahoma Christian, he kept a small group of influential people in his life formed during his freshman year. However, Powers said one person in his friend group stood out among the rest. Courtney Johnson and Powers began dating their sophomore year at Oklahoma Christian, and Colin proposed to her in 2016. The couple plans to get married in April of this year.
Q: What exactly does one do with a degree in communication design?

A: Simply put, we work with pretty much all communication outlets to design and create. We
aren’t really artists because an artist creates things to be seen and to look cool. We tend to create
things to fix a problem and create a design for something in particular.

Q: Do you have any big plans for after college with your degree in communication design?

A: Well, I am currently interning at Ackerman McQueen. It’s a big firm here in Oklahoma. It is a
good foot-in-the-door internship that will hopefully help me get into a bigger job someday.
However, I’m not thinking I will find anything within the first year of graduating college. But,
I’m hopeful for something after that.

Q: Have you entered any of your works in a contest, if so, have they done well?

A: I have entered some pieces into Soundings here at OC. Nothing national yet, but I want to
someday. I am currently looking at entering a piece in the YCN Student Awards contest.

Q: Do you have a favorite piece of work and what was the inspiration for making it?

A: That’s actually not a very easy question to answer. You see, as a student, our creations are
done mostly using the knowledge that we are gaining from the classes that we are taking at that
time. So, when I look back at most of my works I tend to pick them apart because I’ve learned
new things and what I did then could be so much better. Trying not to critique my old work is
hard because I’m always moving forward. However, I think the one thing that I don’t mind
looking at over and over again would have to be the John DeSteiguer “Home” shirt that I
designed for the Psi Spring Sing show last year. It’s a simple parody of a design and I did it was
fun to create. There is just something about it that I enjoy seeing over and over again and not
wanting to pick it apart.

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