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Familiar face makes new appearance on campus

Hannah Bingham-Brunner went from sitting in an Oklahoma Christian University classroom as a student, to sitting behind her desk in an office.

Bingham-Brunner teaches Composition I, Composition II and Perspectives in Literature in Department of Language and Literature. Brunner recently finished her graduate degree at Iowa State University, where she also taught while working to obtain her master’s degree.

“I went to OC, and this was my department in undergrad so when I heard there was an opportunity for me to come back, I was really excited about it,” Brunner said. “I really enjoy getting to know my students on a deeper level than at a state school.”

Brunner said seeing her students in chapel, and walking past them on the sidewalk still surprises her every day and is one of her favorite parts in being a faculty member at Oklahoma Christian.

“It’s just a really warm environment,” Brunner said. “If I email and tell my students class is canceled that day, I get emails back telling me to feel better. Coming from previously working at a state school, being here is really refreshing. All the students really care in a way that I haven’t had in the past two years.”

Brunner said some of the things she looks forward to in the years to come are meeting more students and becoming a part of the fabric of the university .

Brunner is the older sister of current senior Becca Bingham. Brunner said teaching at the same university her sister attends has allowed them to grow closer together.

“It is really fun to be teaching here while Becca is going to school here,” Brunner said. “We go to lunch like once a week and sometimes I go over to her apartment and she will cook me dinner. I didn’t get to see her a lot when I was in grad school because she was so busy with college, so it’s been really nice.”

Outside of school, Brunner said her hobbies include reading, writing, watching Netflix and her dog, Molly.

“I enjoy playing board games and watching movies,” Brunner said. “I have a dog named Molly and she’s a miniature Australian Sheppard. We just got her this year and she’s really cuddly so I’ve been really enjoying having her.”

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