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KALEO encourages students to discover Jesus

Oklahoma Christian University students now have the opportunity to be part of a new, “Jesus is” series taking place on campus in a weekly Ethos event known as KALEO.

Based off the Greek word for “called,” this worship event takes place every Thursday night at 10 p.m. in the Forum. Ethos Director Summer Lashley said she contacted Oklahoma Christian alumnus David Skidmore to lead the new Kudo-approved event.

“I had heard of David from several students,” Lashley said. “Those who know him genuinely respect and connect with him, so I decided to ask him to work for us. He agreed to volunteer his time to the Ethos program and we came up with KALEO.”

According to Skidmore, his inspiration for the series came in the form of a book by Judah Smith.

“He wrote ‘Jesus Is,’ and it really influenced me,” Skidmore said. “The book changed my life and it changed how I thought about Jesus. We have so much noise about religion and all these things that stem out from Christianity. A lot of times we focus on the idea of Christianity and move the Founder out of it. So, Summer and I wanted to make the entire night about Him because I think people are hungry for Jesus, even on a Christian campus.”

Skidmore said he hopes KALEO works on the idea of individuality of God’s love.

“He loves every one of us and He values the uniqueness of each person,” Skidmore said. “We need writers, photographers, and people who are in video, but we also need people who are analytical. We need people who are creative, people who are seeing what they do in math or science and seeing how Jesus is in their life too. We hope this night changes how people see Jesus in every part of their life.”

Senior Kai Jorgenson leads singing at KALEO on Thursday nights and said he uses the opportunity to learn about his individual calling to God.

“Two weeks ago, I did not know I was going to be helping out with this event, but David let me know what was going on and now I have a leadership role,” Jorgenson said. “So, that’s what KALEO is to me, using the talents God gave me to help others fill their individual roles.”

Jorgenson said he encourages anyone interested in KALEO to come see the intimacy and sincerity of the event for themselves.

“Not to say other events are not genuine, but I think this event focuses more on individual opportunity,” Jorgenson said. “For one, most chapels are only twenty minutes long. This event lasts an hour and facilitates a longer discussion.”

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