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Male club presidents of 2021 to 2022

Following the previous article recounting the women’s social service club presidents, the men’s clubs also have a new set of leaders to guide their clubs throughout the year.

During the elections in the spring 2021 semester, club members chose who they believed would be the best fit to lead their club.

To start off, the president of Alpha Gamma Omega is Ian Robison, a senior computer engineering major with an emphasis on software engineering.

Alpha Gamma Omega president, Ian Robison

“I became a leader for the club because I wanted to do more to help Alpha,” Robison said. “I started out as one of the rush directors last year, and while that was really stressful, it felt great to be able to invest in the club, so I wanted to help around more as I could.”

Robison contributes all his social outlets and memories to his club community.

“It is hard to pick just one memory from the many I have made with everyone,” Robison said. “From all the times we just joke around in meetings, to the knight name stories everyone tells, to Spring Sing shows, are too many great memories mixed in.”

Alpha has many traditions and Robinson said he wishes to grow on them with the club members.

“I want us to serve the campus and community around us to spread the love of God to everyone we meet,” Robison said. “I want us to grow spiritually together. In short, I want Alpha to exemplify the idea of a social service club on OC’s campus.”

Next is the president of Chi Lambda Phi, Grant Hazel, a senior mechanical engineering major with a passion for his club.

Chi Lambda Phi president, Grant Hazel.

“Club is so important to me because I met the guys that I can trust with my life and the memories that I have made and will continue to make in club are some of the best memories of my life,” Hazel said.

With so many memorable moments, Hazel wishes all Chi’s members to have the best experience possible at Oklahoma Christian.

“Being a part of a club on campus can truly make you love Oklahoma Christian more than you could ever imagine and from club,” Hazel said. “You truly will get the most out of being here.”

Hazel said he hopes to see his fellow club members being the best they can for the sake of Chi and its future members.

“Whether it be in class, on the intramural field, serving campus and most importantly serving the church,” Hazel said. “I believe that the men of Chi Lambda Phi will serve their hearts out and love the people around them.”

This year’s president of Delta Gamma Sigma is Noah Carter, a senior accounting major. Carter said he joined a club to find his social group and expand on his other leadership roles.

Delta Gamma Sigma president, Noah Carter.

“Last year, I was the Spring Sing director and investment fund chaplain,” Carter said. “I also helped lead a philosophy chapel during the spring semester.”

Carter said leadership in club is important to the community of the club.

“I wanted to contribute more,” Carter said. “To get more out of my college experience and to find a social outlet.”

Carter said club holds great importance to him, especially as a leader.

“Delta reaches out to a group of people who generally feel alienated by the rest of campus,” Carter said. “It gives them an opportunity to really shine at Oklahoma Christian.”

The president of Kappa Sigma Tau is Josiah Javellana, a senior Bible and ministry major with a minor in spanish.

Kappa Sigma Tau president, Josiah Javellana.

“I chose Kappa because I liked the people and the environment that they offered,” Javellana said.

Javellana said he had some unexpected outcomes and experiences through his Kappa community.

“I think my most memorable experience in club has been Kappa Mailmen,” Javellana said. “Although I was only a part-timer for that show, it was super fun to be able to go to the practices and watch the guys improve and be part of a show.”

The communal benefit is something Javellana did not expect to find, and he said he hopes future members realize this benefit.

“Most people struggle to find a place where they belong, and joining a club gives one an instant group of friends who are committed to make you fit in,” Javellana said.

Lastly, the president of Psi Epsilon is Logan Dick, a senior electrical engineering major. Dick said he views club as a safe place where all the members work together well.

Psi Epsilon president, Logan Dick

“Club is an opportunity to get away from schoolwork every once in a while and have a great time hanging out with some great guys,” Dick said.

Dick said being a leader provides opportunities to branch out to others.

“I want other people to be able to have the same type of club experience I did in Psi, and I thought the best way of doing that was by running for president,” Dick said.

As president, Dick plans to implement more ways to involve his current and future members.

“I already have and hope to continue seeing some of the guys get more involved than they have in the past, and to see people build strong relationships with each other through club,” Dick said.

These are the club leadership at Oklahoma Christian for the 2021-2022 academic year.

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