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Meet the Fall 2019 Talon Staff

As an eventful year of news, sports, features and opinions coverage draws to an end, Oklahoma Christian University’s student news publication, the Talon, recently announced its fall 2019 editorial staff. Four new editors will join six returning staff members.

The Talon’s 2018-2019 editor-in-chief, Madison Hagood, will step down from the position as she transitions into a full-time public relations career. Junior Keaton Ross, who has worked with the Talon since 2017 as both a reporter and news editor, will enter into the role.

Students interested in joining the Talon in the fall as a reporter should enroll in Media Practicum: Journalism with Philip Patterson. Those seeking further information about the Talon should email Ross at

Keaton Ross, Editor-In-Chief

Classification: Junior

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Ross has been a part of The Talon since fall 2017, when he came on as a news reporter. A year later, he joined the editorial staff as news editor.

Prior to entering into the editor-in-chief role in August, this summer Ross will work as a general assignment news intern at The Oklahoman.

Ross said he hopes to utilize the journalism experience he has gained through the campus newspaper and outside internships to make The Talon a current, relatable publication which compares in quality to major media outlets.

“I want us to continue covering issues important to the study body, and do so in a timely manner,” Ross said. “With our digital-only platform, we also have the ability to do more with video and social media. I can’t wait to watch our readership grow and tackle tough stories which positively benefit the student body and local community.”

Paige Holmes, Copy Editor

Classification: Junior

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Topeka, KS

Holmes will again serve as The Talon’s copy editor, a position she has held since January. She first joined The Talon last fall as a features reporter.

“I bring an eye for detail to the staff,” Holmes said. “The most important part of editing is not knowing how to fix mistakes, but knowing when something is a mistake which needs to be fixed. It can be difficult to do, but it’s something I specifically focus on with my work. I’m also working to establish myself as someone on staff who can answer questions, whether those are about grammar, AP style or just how we do things at The Talon.”

Holmes said she appreciates not only the work experience The Talon provides, but also interacting with fellow staff members.

“I enjoy being part of The Talon because it’s a professional workplace and also a place populated by fun people I enjoy being around,” Holmes said. “I get to build up my resume while also having great conversations with friends, and that’s all I could ever ask for.”

Alysa Campos, Online Editor

Classification: Junior

Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Houston, TX

Joining The Talon staff for the first time this fall, Campos will work to increase social media engagement and implement multimedia technology in the role of online editor.

Campos described herself as a “very creative person” who will find ways to bring in new readership.

I joined The Talon because I was really impressed with the stories that were released this year, especially the ones by Elise [Miller],” Campo said. “I wanted to be the online editor so I could find new ways of gaining a larger audience I believe these writers deserve through social media.”

Elise Miller, News Editor/Opinions Editor

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Plano, TX

Having served as photographer, lead reporter and assistant news editor for The Talon since joining the staff her freshman year, Miller will take on the double role of news editor and opinions editor next semester.

Through her increased role, Miller said she looks forward to producing multiple articles per week which positively impact the Oklahoma Christian community.

“I am excited to have the chance to turn out more articles than ever before,” Miller said. “I plan to cover topics that truly matter to the Oklahoma Christian community and beyond. Words have so much power, and I hope to use them to the best of my ability.”

According to Miller, being a part of The Talon has provided her not only valuable career experience but also lasting relationships.

“The experiences that I have here will no doubt help to leverage my career, no matter what field I decide to pursue,” Miller said. “Additionally, the people that I’ve met on The Talon staff are absolutely amazing. My college experience wouldn’t be the same without them.”

Paige Steeley, Assistant News Editor

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

After working with Eagle PR since her freshman year, Steeley will move down the communication department hallway and join The Talon as assistant news editor this fall.

I admire the fact that The Talon informs students with relevant information, in addition to providing a much-needed voice for student opinions and concerns,” Steeley said. “I appreciate a compelling story, and I wanted the chance to share some of those with the student body.”

Steeley said she hopes to utilize her strong writing and interpersonal skills to bring light to important news and issues facing campus.

“I’d like to see The Talon continue to give students relevant news,” Steeley said. “Ideally, we could increase engagement with our work so that students stay informed.”

Errett Edwards, Co-Features Editor

Classification: Senior

Major: Interdisciplinary studies

Hometown: Allen, TX

With a year of experience as assistant sports editor under his belt, Edwards will transition to the role of co-features editor next semester.

Edwards said he looks forward to highlighting important events and people doing great things on the Oklahoma Christian campus.

“We are going to work diligently to get a lot of material out there,” Edwards said. “I think it is important to share the great stories that surround us.”

Reese Gorman, Co-Features Editor

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Schertz, TX

After serving this year as a news reporter and assistant features editor, Gorman will move into the role of co-features editor next semester.

With his “passion for journalism” and “unique insight,” Gorman said he hopes to tell stories which matter to the student body.

“The Talon gives me an amazing opportunity to provide the reader with information on what is happening on and around their campus,” Gorman said. “I feel as though through my articles, I can make Oklahoma Christian a more knowledgeable and socially aware place.”

Morgan Boling, Sports Editor

Classification: Senior

Major: Journalism/Sports Management

Hometown: Oakland, TN

For the third consecutive and final year, Boling will take on the role of sports editor next year.

“Having served as sports editor for two years now, I believe my experience affords me the opportunity to still produce good content, but it also challenges me to take new steps,” Boling said.

According to Boling, a goal of the sports section next year is to increase live coverage at games and seek out more interesting athlete feature stories.

“I want to continually improve on readership and highlighting the incredible talent at Oklahoma Christian,” Boling said. “I also want to improve on finding unique stories to report on within our athletic community. Furthermore, I would like to improve our coverage of games.”

Caleb Brown, Assistant Sports Editor

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: New Braunfels, TX

Brown will transition from features reporter to the role of assistant sports editor next semester.

A student-athlete himself, Brown said he looks forward to telling stories and providing unique perspectives not always readily available to the student body.

“I’m hoping I can keep all the readers up to date on some really exciting things happening here with our athletes and maybe shed some light on sports some people may not think about,” Brown said.

Julia Nored, Photography Editor

Classification: Senior

Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Katy, TX

Bringing her several years of photography experience, Nored will join the Fall 2019 Talon staff as photography editor.

“I decided to join the Talon because I am passionate about photography and about the community at Oklahoma Christian,” Nored said. “Throughout all of my time at Oklahoma Christian, I have seen the positive impact that the Talon has made, and I am very excited to get to use my skills in photography to be part of that positive impact.”

Nored said she hopes to capture as many campus events as possible, while also adding a creative touch to her work.

“My goal for this year is to produce photography that best represents the quality and skill of the amazing writers at the Talon,” she said. “I also would like to attend as many campus activities as possible, in order to get a wide range of photos for the Talon to use.”


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