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Two OC students prepare to compete in Miss Oklahoma

The Miss Oklahoma Pageant has been helping to make the dreams of young girls across the state of Oklahoma come true since the 1920s.

Those dreams are becoming a reality for two of Oklahoma Christian University’s own, junior Janet Pugh and sophomore Molly Patterson.

On September 10th, Pugh competed in the Miss Oklahoma State Fair pageant and won the first place crown, and a chance to compete for Miss Oklahoma 2017.

“It’s a blessing, really,” said Pugh. “I’m just really excited to represent the state fair and all of those people. Competing for Miss Oklahoma is just an awesome opportunity.”

 According to Pugh, being in the pageant world also requires a big support group. Pugh said that Gary Jones, Amy Gower, Gina Clay and all of her Theta sisters continually pray for her and encourage her.

“Janet is a very ambitious young lady, I think that she is very driven, I think that she is a people person,” Jones, the multicultural and service coordinator, said. “So it’s no surprise that she won a pageant. It’s kind of the merging of those two worlds together.”Pugh first came in contact with Jones after meeting him by chance while she was visiting friends in Huntsville, AL before coming to Oklahoma Christian.

“I met Janet in Bojangles,” Jones said. “In Huntsville, AL, we were on our first Civil Rights Movement Tour and Janet was there visiting some people we knew. We met her there and stated talking to her about OC, and she ended up coming to OC.”

Pugh is not the only Oklahoma Christian student to be competing in Miss Oklahoma next June. Sophomore Molly Patterson is Miss Frontier Country 2017 and will be striving for the chance to be the next Miss Oklahoma.

Patterson competed with 49 other women in the 2016 Miss Oklahoma Pageant representing Northwest Oklahoma City.

“To be a contender in the Miss Oklahoma Pageant you have to have the drive to do it, and you have to have the time to put into pageants,” Patterson said. “I know that it’s a big commitment, but at the end of the day it’s going to be worth it. Especially when you get to go to Miss Oklahoma and compete for the job of your dreams.”

Patterson said pageants are her favorite way to spend her time.

“It’s given me my best friends, it’s given me the skills I need for my every day life,” Patterson said. “It has taught me so much about myself and I am so excited for more OC students to share that with me now.”

The 2017 Miss Oklahoma Pageant begins June 3rd and continues through June 10th.

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