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Getting to know you: new Oklahoma Christian police chief

After 26 1/2 years working in law enforcement, Officer Greg Giltner is adding Oklahoma Christian University to the list.

Greg began his position as police chief in October 2015.

As police chief, Greg oversees the five officers who patrol campus Monday-Friday and the security company that patrols on the weekends.

Greg is in charge of making sure that emergency calls are answered and attended to, making sure buildings are locked and secure and keeping lockdown drills up to standard.

“He is the kind of guy when asked to come and meet at 3 in the morning, he will come at 3 in the morning just to talk about whatever the need is,” Greg’s son, junior Chris Giltner said. “He would never admit it, but he just has a really good heart and a want to help others.”

Campus security is one of the only university departments that work around the clock and during all breaks. Since the police were the only ones on campus during winter break, they made the mail run so offices would have the packages that arrived while campus was closed.

“If there is something the officers can do, they do it,” Greg said. “I oversee things on campus that keep faculty, staff and students safe.”

Greg grew up in Lafayette, Indiana where raising horses and competing in the rodeo eventually brought his family to Oklahoma. He grew up with family in the restaurant business, but realized law enforcement was a better fit.

Greg started working for the Oklahoma City Police Department in 1988 and retired as a sergeant in 2015.

During his time working for the Oklahoma City Police Department, Greg worked the Oklahoma City bombing, six tornadoes, was an investigator in a fatality unit and was a peer support coordinator. He served as a training officer for eight years and spent 12 years patrolling the streets. For his last three years, he served as the first commissioned officer to become full-time chaplain.

Greg’s time in law enforcement left him with many experiences and stories, but after adopting twin boys in 2011 he decided it was time to make a career move.

“I worked the streets for years and missed a lot of my adult kids’ school stuff, so I retired to spend time with the boys,” Greg said. “So I retired to spend time with the boys.”

Now Greg is seen in chapel, patrolling campus and eating lunch with students in the cafeteria.

The change of atmosphere from a public municipal police department to a Christian campus was a drastic one, but Greg said the interaction with the people is his favorite part.

“For 26 1/2 years, I worked at a job that I loved, but it was not a Christian environment. I am now in an environment that is a Christian environment where it is okay to pray openly in public and reference scripture in an email,” Greg said.

Greg met his wife, Vonne, on a blind date in 1982 and married in 1983. They have five children and one grandchild.

“I wasn’t sure how it would be to have my dad on campus with me, but it has been really nice,” Chris said. “Since he is up here now I’m able to have lunch with him more and overall it has been such a blessing having him here.”

In addition to being Police Chef at Oklahoma Christian, Greg is also an elder at the Westside Church of Christ in Norman, Oklahoma.

“I am a shepherd of the Lord first, and police chief second,” Greg said.

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