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OC Alumna leads Edmond Board of Education

Kathleen Duncan, a spotlighted member of this year’s Oklahoma Christian University 50-year reunion class, is a seasoned veteran in both education and law. 

A  member of Oklahoma Christian University’s 1969 graduating class, Duncan is a retired attorney who has served four terms on the Edmond Public Schools Board of Education. Duncan is the acting vice president of the board and the District Two representative.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in science education from Oklahoma Christian, Duncan continued her academic career at the University of Oklahoma, receiving a master’s degree in guidance and counseling.

Duncan then spent a number of years working as a teacher before deciding to go back to school to obtain her law degree. She served as an assistant district attorney prior to her retirement. 

In an interview with Edmond Life and Leisure, Duncan stated her diversity in education and experience has given her a unique perspective on key issues and noted the group works well as a cohesive unit.

“As a retired teacher, school counselor and attorney, I have enjoyed the opportunity to apply the knowledge I gained from my past careers to assist in making very important decisions as a part of the governing body of the Edmond Public School District,” Duncan said. “Our superintendent, Bret Towne, is excellent and the board members work well not only with him but with each other.”

Noting the importance of STEM programs within the district, Duncan is trying to incorporate a digital conversion program for students to be granted access to handheld computer devices. 

“This use of technology allows for up-to-date information instead of quickly outdated textbooks,” Duncan said.

Duncan continued to state her time on the board is both demanding and rewarding.

“For the past 15 years, I have had the privilege of serving as a school board member for the Edmond Public Schools,” Duncan said. “This service has been one of the most challenging and gratifying experiences of my life.”

Sophomore Grayson Swanson, an education major, said Duncan’s success and career path is an uplifting example of what teaching can lead to.  

“It’s comforting to look at the career of Mrs. Duncan and see all of her accomplishments,” Swanson said. “Teaching can be a thankless job, but seeing the avenue she has taken and where she has ended up is a reminder that this pathway has alternative routes that can lead to even bigger things.”

According to Swanson,  Duncan’s journey documents her diligence and discipline to continue to strive to enhance both her education and career. 

“Her career shows where her priorities were—too constantly improve,” Swanson said. “If you look at her jobs, her education, the way she got to where she is and the order of it all—it speaks volumes on her work ethic and attitude.”  

Duncan stated she wants to remain a staple in local education and continue her work as a public servant. 

“I would like to have the opportunity to continue to serve this outstanding district and help maintain its superb reputation for our current and future students,” Duncan said. 

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