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OC alumna joins Thunder corporation

Oklahoma Christian University alumna Heather Brown has taken her degree to the Oklahoma City Thunder arena.

Brown serves as the event presentation coordinator for the Oklahoma City Thunder. As event presentation coordinator, Brown is in charge of all community-related events for the Thunder, including watch parties, dance clinics, partner events and news events.

According to Brown, working towards her current position took a long journey of learning experiences. After graduating from Oklahoma Christian with a bachelor’s degree in business and a minor in international business in 2010, Brown accepted a position as an accountant for the Chesapeake Energy Corporation.

After working with Chesapeake for three years, Brown said she realized she wanted to take her professional life in a different direction.

“During my time there I realized it wasn’t my forever job,” Brown said. “It was a great job, but it wasn’t really what I wanted to be doing.”

Upon leaving Chesapeake, Brown began working as wedding planner with Emerson Events in Oklahoma City. Although Brown said she enjoyed her time as a wedding planner, she realized once again it was not her dream job.

“I got sick of doing everyone’s ‘best day ever’ and parties and things like that,” Brown said. “I started looking for something more. I was ready for something more.”

After a detailed job search for a position that aligned with her skills and passions, Brown said she discovered the opening for a job with the Thunder. According to Brown, she did not think she could find a job like the one she has now.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Brown said. “I love planning parties and having people over, but I didn’t really think this would be able to be tangible — something I could reach.”

After serving a year and a half with the Thunder, Brown said she has learned there is never a dull moment. According to Brown, each work day is unique, whether it is a community event, such as the annual Target shopping spree, the Thunder Girls dance clinic or working game nights with her staff.

“Working here has just been a perfect fit,” Brown said. “There’s always something different, new and exciting. It’s very busy obviously, which is good because I don’t do well being bored.”

Dean of Spiritual Life Jeff McMillon served as Brown’s high school youth minister and college campus minister at Memorial Road Church of Christ. McMillon said Brown has always pushed herself to her full potential.

“She didn’t waste time,” McMillon said. “She worked hard at things. She always wanted to be the best, whether it was school, or soccer, or friends or faith. She wasn’t interested in just doing anything halfway.”

According to McMillon, serving as the event presentation coordinator for the Thunder is the perfect fit for Brown. McMillon said Brown not only possesses special talents for event planning, but always puts forth her best effort no matter what she is involved in.

“I promise you, she’s tying down the details and really focused, because that’s how she does everything,” McMillon said. “I think she also looks at it like it reflects on her. When you want to be good at everything you do, you know it reflects on you, and I know she’s good at it.”

McMillon said not only is Brown a hard worker and is self-disciplined, but she also has a fun-loving personality.

“She’s a little firecracker,” McMillon said. “She’s just all about high-energy. Whatever she’s doing, you want to be along for the ride. She just has that magnetism to her.”

Student Life Administrative Assistant Sonya Young said she also had the privilege of getting to know Brown through Memorial Road.

“She was always so much fun, super sweet, and likeable,” Young said.

According to Young, some of her fondest memories of Brown include her service on mission trips.

“My favorite memory of Heather was her involvement with the MRCC campus ministry mission trips,” Young said. “She was always so involved, outgoing — very much a part of things, personable and fun.”

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