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Oklahoma Christian Student Life welcomes new freshmen counselors

After Kirby Killen replaced Amy Roberts as Director of Freshmen Experience, and Kendall Mayes left his position as freshmen counselor, there have been major changes in the Student Life department this school year. Braeden Fair and Kassi Long joined the Oklahoma Christian University Student Life office to facilitate events for the freshmen on campus.

Killen said she is excited about getting to work side by side with Fair and Long.

“Braeden is one of my really close friends and it’s been really fun watching him serve in this way,” Killen said. “He has already been a rock star with Earn Your Wings and made it really fun.”

Killen also said she is enjoying getting to know Long better.

“We have so much in common,” said Killen. “She is such a hard worker and already has a heart and love for the freshman girls.”

Killen said she is looking forward to watching both Fair and Long continue to grow as leaders.

“Our mission as a department is to help the freshmen succeed spiritually, academically and socially,” Killen said. “I am excited to see the lifelong relationships they will make.”

Fair graduated from Oklahoma Christian with a Bachelor of Science in broadcast journalism in April 2016. Before his senior year, Fair served as an Earn Your Wings director. This experience, Fair said, is the reason he wanted to be a freshmen counselor.

“After my experience with Earn Your Wings, I knew I wasn’t done here,” Fair said. “Everything that was done for me I wanted to do for others.”

Fair said freshman year is a crucial year when it comes to decision making for students and he wanted the opportunity to make an impact on this year’s freshman class.

“My freshman year was a huge year for me and I wouldn’t have been able to get through my freshman year without my mentors,” Fair said. “I want people to feel that Oklahoma Christian is where they are supposed to be.”

Long is an Abilene Christian University graduate currently living in Norman, Okla. with her husband, Landon. While in school at Abilene Christian, Long was actively involved in planning events for students on campus through their student life office.

Long said she hopes to bring a new perspective and fresh eyes to Oklahoma Christian from her past experiences at Abilene Christian.

“I was searching for a job I was passionate about,” Long said. “I am really passionate about being here and helping these freshmen make Oklahoma Christian home.”

Long said she decided she wanted to be a freshmen counselor after thinking how her college experience could have been improved.

“Reflecting back on my time as a freshman, I realize how I could have used a mentor and someone to talk to about being on my own for the first time,” Long said.

Senior Earn Your Wings director Jefferson McKnight said it was a memorable experience working with Fair and Long during this year’s Earn Your Wings program.

“Working with Braeden and Kassi was awesome,” McKnight said. “They are making an effort to be your friend. Even if you don’t put forth an effort, they will still reach out and be friendly and encouraging.”

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