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Recognizing women leaders at Oklahoma Christian

Throughout March, various events for Women’s History Month have celebrated and recognized the presence of women in history. 

Oklahoma Chrisitian University’s female students have a diverse range of leadership on campus. These students have reflected on Women’s History Month and shared how their leadership roles on campus have shaped their lives. 

Senior Sarah Gregory is the current Student Government Association’s vice president. She said being a woman in leadership means standing up for those who cannot themselves. 

“I like to claim I am a self-proclaimed servant leader because I try my best to do a little bit more from behind the scenes,” Gregory said. “But sometimes, I do need that spotlight because everybody needs to be acknowledged at some point.” 

Gregory is a part of the first full-year all-female SGA executive cabinet. She said sometimes it can be difficult to be a leader on campus. 

“It has been difficult at points because we are all women and we all kind of think the same way,” Gregory said. “We have our moments sometimes, which can be difficult, but because of that, we have been able to bond better and we are able to understand each other better when in need.”

Junior Kayla Yowell is on the hospitality team for Women’s Chapel at Oklahoma Chrisitian and said having a strong community of women is important in leadership. 

“I am so grateful to be in a great group like the Women’s Chapel where people who do understand me and get me as a person do not judge me for who I am,” Yowell said. “I love how we can grow with each other and connect with one another.”

Junior mathematics major Hope Fortson said she takes on a leadership role since she is in a male-dominated field.  

“When people think of STEM, I feel like there’s a stereotype of automatically thinking of male engineers, and I think recognizing women in STEM would help end that stereotype,” Fortson said. 

Yowell said places like Women’s Chapel represent what Women’s History Month should be all about. 

“Each woman has a different story to tell and each story is unique in anybody’s way and I think it’s important to share what people have been through,” Yowell said. “It’s important to be recognized for the work they have done to come this far in life.”

Events such as the Women Who Lead conference were held on campus. Gregory said Women’s History Month is a time to understand when to use power and when not to use it. 

“Women’s month to me is a time for us to acknowledge those who came before us and all the progress they were able to make both in leadership and any type of form of you being able to live your life as a woman,” Gregory said.

Fortson said she appreciates the time to honor women’s success while looking to continue that success.

“It’s so important to spend time focusing on and celebrating the people who fought against oppression for a better life for their descendants because it inspires us to continue fighting the injustices in our society,” Fortson said. 

Women’s History Month has been celebrated and acknowledged at Oklahoma Christian, and students have taken the opportunity to recognize its importance. For more information on Women’s History Month check out resources here and here

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