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SGA president spotlight

Nash Scott’s reputation precedes himself upon Oklahoma Christian’s campus. The mature aurora of his presence along with the way he conducts himself as a professional in any circumstance. A mix of these things made him an admirable candidate to be the new Student Government Association president.

Scott had already made waves on this campus — some good and some bad — from the introduction of Lime scooters on campus, which one individual took a fond displeasure to on Twitter, to multiple other events while apart of SGA, it was only a matter of time before he took the reins and led the charge himself, as president of SGA.

Q. Why did you run for SGA president?

I ran because I enjoy people. I love getting to know, hear, talk to, laugh with, and everything in between. I also enjoy service, and the service I like is through representation. With that, I get to look over the constitution from wise students before us. So, with these three things, I get to help all students from all backgrounds on this campus.

Q. What are your goals as SGA president this year?

My goals are for the campus to go through change yet equipped and embrace it. Being a senior, this year is somewhat difficult to think about. Being so, we have the ability to make a new normal for the time being and create human connection in the activities we do get to do. My other goal would be that we create and nurture awareness on campus. Bob Dylan’s song “The Times They Are a-Changin” resonates with us now as much as it did in the 60s. We need to be a campus ready and nurturing of change by Christ within us. We are gonna seek intentional inclusion and diversity in our efforts in SGA.

Q. How will COVID-19 affect those goals?

Yes, but we can be creative. Our executive team is ready for the challenge to achieve these goals. Humans are adaptable, and we can make this year a fun one if we allow it. When it comes to diversity, we can also achieve this. A mask and washing our hands won’t change our determination for all to feel heard, wanted, and needed.

Q. What are you most excited about this year?

I am excited to see all organizations adapt to a pandemic. It really is amazing how they are taking it by the horns. Homecoming is going to be an absolute blast. The Activities Committee has some cool, safe events coming to this future. The Spiritual Life committee has some amazing ideas for Spiritual formation. The spring might have a completely different atmosphere than this fall. We could even possibly be back to normal for all we know. So, I will be excited for every next event, one by one.

Q. What do you want to see change within the school?

I want to see more diversity and intentionality with seeking it. We are taking a huge step with the DEI committee, but it takes every single person to seek change within themselves to become better. Every single person in this entire world can seek to do the best they can. If we all sought to love one another more each day, this campus would be just unbelievable.

Q. What SGA traditions will you be carrying on?

This year, we are bringing back the legislation that the Vice President will be Committee Chair for the Activities Committee. We feel that this is going to be more beneficial for the Vice and especially with our gifted Vice, Audrey Redfearn. We are going to still count votes for the Homecoming court, find judges for Spring Sing, hold philanthropy, and second what I say in meetings (come to an SGA meeting to get the joke).

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