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SGA weekly update

On March 30, Oklahoma Christian University’s Student Government Association had their weekly meeting. This week’s meeting was heavily based around the executive elections as voting will be held on March 31 and April 1. 

The senate approved the constitution and by-law change which included a constitutional amendment requiring a 2.5 GPA to run for SGA executive office and a by-law funding requirement change. More details can be found in last week’s update

Although the constitution change has been approved by the SGA senate, it has to go through the student body during the voting process for executive elections. 

The executive board then opened the floor for executive candidates to give speeches on behalf of their campaign. All executive positions ran unopposed except vice president. 

The first to give their speech was presidential candidate, Micah Burk, who focused on her idea of unity in community. She also highlighted how she wants to focus on diversity and personal connections within the campus community. 

The next to give their speech was the first of the vice presidential candidates, Jimmy O’Brien, who is also the youngest candidate. At 14 years old, O’Brien hopes to use his youth as an advantage to attract students to events as well as create new events for the student body to attend. He also had a high focus on sports and club involvement so everyone has the opportunity to find a community on campus.

The second vice presidential candidate is Madison Stephens, who was the secretary and treasurer of her freshman class in the 2020-2021 academic year. Stephens said she is confident in her communication and social media management skills. She is looking to encourage student involvement in community and social service projects.

The candidate for secretary, Chastity McMahan, followed with her speech. She said she is organized and determined to communicate with the student body as well as check up on people. McMahan hopes to open the floor to the student body and hear their ideas and opinions. 

The last to give their speech was Josh Knox, the candidate for treasurer. Knox said he has a passion for numbers as he is an accounting and finance major. He has held various leadership roles and is a part of the newly founded Accounting Scholars Association. Knox said he is excited to deal with the numbers and be accountable for the budget of SGA. 

After each speech, current president Kiva Maxwell opened the floor to those at the meeting to ask any questions related to the candidates’ campaigns.

The meeting then moved to closing comments about election dates for executive positions.  Voting for the executive officers closes April 1. 

Class officer campaigns begin next week while filing begins on April 4 and will go through April 7, which is when the campaign meeting will be held. Class officer campaigns will be held April 8 through 13 and elections will happen April 14 and 15. 

Other announcements included reminders about homecoming director applications, which are still open. There are also various sporting events coming up which SGA encourages the students to attend to encourage Oklahoma Christian’s athletes. 

Go and vote for the executive SGA positions and contact SGA for any questions, comments or concerns.

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