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Students learn to balance spirituality with law

The Law Chapel offered at Oklahoma Christian University sparks discussion on the tough question, is law good or bad?

Oklahoma Christian University’s Vice President and General Counsel, Stephan Eck said he created the Law Chapel for anyone who has an interest in the law or legal practice, not just for those with a prelaw major.

“The purpose behind Law Chapel is to bring students who are interested in studying law into contact with local lawyers who are affiliated with the university in some way,” Eck said. “A lot of times we will discuss how a lawyer’s faith impacts the practice of law.”

Eck said the main discussion during this chapel is the structure of the law. The first chapel of the semester was over the question: “Is the Law ethical, moral, or neither?”

“The general theme throughout the academic year is talking mainly about the structure of the constitution and certain cases where that structure is easy to see,” Eck said.

According to Eck, Law Chapel was created due to Oklahoma Christian’s decentralized approach to the pre-law study.

“This was one time where we felt like we could bring all the pre law students together regardless of academic discipline and put them in contact with different local lawyers,” Eck said.

The Law Chapel had a group of  15 students present  for the first meeting this semester. Those in attendance came from a variety of majors.

Megan McKinley, junior political science and English major, said the first Law Chapel gave her a new outlook on the correlation between law and life.

“There has been a different perspective on what you can do with the law,” McKinley said. “I think that was really helpful just finding out how flexible it is and how it is going to help you with whatever you are going to do in life.”

Rose Schaefer, senior English pre-law major, has attended law chapel for the past two years.

“I love it when he brings in speakers,” Schaefer said. “They tend to be a good balance between Christian but also very much immersed in the legal world, and they do not try to gloss it over. I appreciate the honesty with which anyone he brings in.”

Law Chapel meets once a month on Thursday in Benson Hall.

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