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As We Graduate…

When I began my journey at Oklahoma Christian University four years ago, I took a Bible course many others have taken or will take – a course on “the good life.”

Now, as I prepare to graduate in less than two short weeks, I wondered how my fellow seniors would describe living well. So, for my final Talon article, I asked them: “Given your OC experience, what is the/a good life? What does it look like, practically?”

You’ll find their responses below. (More may be added at a later date.)

Sage Bramlett


“I think living the good life means experiencing a diversity of life. It means applying yourself in classes as well as socially, making good grades and good friends. 

“Join a club, join an organization, find people who are the same type of weird as you, but stay open-minded to the other types of people who surround you and how they can enrich your life. Get off campus and explore OKC. Stay on campus and attend events. Go on a date if that’s something you’re interested in. Make friends with people in different majors than you. Make friends with your classmates and swap notes! 

“There is no fear or anger quite like the kind that develops if you confine yourself to one application at OC, whether that be just socially, just academics, just romantic endeavors or just yourself.”

Julia Davila


“Given my OC experience, the good life is a life of hope. Practically, this looks like someone who sees anything is possible. When one door closes, God is there to open another. OC has equipped me with an open & confident mind which is hopeful for the future and a solid support system in my corner.”

Dominic Bonocore


“One of the biggest examples of the “good life” as I’ve noticed through my time at OC is that it isn’t necessarily made up of what you do, but rather who you choose to spend your time with. 

“When I first entered college in 2019 (at Oklahoma Baptist), I was convinced it wouldn’t be nearly as fruitful or as fun as my time in high school, especially since I came from a graduating class of 42 where we were all really close with each other. I was determined to get through college as fast as possible and was very hesitant to branch out and make friends. 

“It was only after I came to OC in the fall of 2021 that I got the full “college experience” and actually started becoming acquainted with people. My two main outlets of socialization came with The Talon and joining Psi Epsilon. 

“Through these friendships obtained from organizations and by socializing, I’ve been able to be involved in things that, as a freshman, I never thought I would be. From Spring Sing, to The Talon and Eagle Angle, to leadership positions like HOCO Director and Editor-in-Chief, none of this would have been possible without the encouragement of the wonderful OC campus community. 

“As I said, the “good life” isn’t measured in worldly successes. Before coming to OC, I had already obtained an Associates Degree and been published in OCCC’s student paper, but I wasn’t as happy as I have been over the past two years at Oklahoma Christian. This is largely due to the wonderful people who I’ve hung around and who encourage me on a daily basis.

“I firmly believe you could have everything in the world, but without a support system behind you, you really have nothing.”

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