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Eagle Plaza opens

Oklahoma Christian students will now have Subway, a Goodwill Donations Center, a family-owned nails spa and a couple mysterious stores next door. What makes these new additions exciting is that they are all within walking distant of campus.

A new semester at Oklahoma Christian University is always filled with new surprises. There are many changes that take place on the Oklahoma Christian campus; some of them are drastic while others are barely noticeable.

Senior Nikki Van Doren is excited about the new stores near Oklahoma Christian’s campus.

“It is very convenient for students, and good for their business,” Van Doren said. “I am exited for Subway to open, although I am a Jimmy Johns fan.”

There is a lot of buzz over the new Subway, which is still under construction but coming soon. The new Subway will have a drive-through as well.

Senior Caleb Griffin speaks on the new Subway.

“I love Subway, and I am glad that it is moving in. It will be convenient for a lot of students on campus and add a variation of places we can eat,” Griffin said.

Although he is mostly excited about the new stores, Griffin also expressed his concerns.

“I am worried about the traffic and the fact that we will see many students not from Oklahoma Christian around, which could cause numerous problems,” Griffin said.

According to Jimmy Johns manager Jacob Kenney, the store a favorite among Oklahoma Christian students and has nothing to worry about.

“If we keep doing our thing, sales will be fine. We have been here a long time, and we are still the closest to campus. Subway maybe cheaper, but Jimmy Jones is fresher,”  Kenney said.

Among the students glad about Subway being so close to campus is sophomore Maegan Cowan.

“Subway is a healthy choice for young college students. Eating Subway sandwiches is great way to stay in shape, and it’s also very close to the school,” Cowan said. “Many people made New Year resolutions to stay in shape, and with Subway being so close it can be possible,”

At first, it will be slow business for Subway, because a lot of people do not know about it;  however, when things pick up, many fast food businesses like Sonic, Braum’s, and McDonalds may lose customers.

Goodwill Donations Center, right next to Subway, is accepting donations and hiring. The pay is $8 an hour.

“Goodwill is an easy way to get ride of your old clothes instead of throwing it away in the dumpster. I plan to give my old clothes and unwanted items to Goodwill during the summer,” junior Alexandra Clermont said.

D & E (Derek and Ethan) Nails is a family owned business. The facility is well decorated and spacious. D&E Nails does classic manicures and pedicures, Gel Color Manicures, and Hot Stone Pedicures, a relaxing treatment used with heated basalt stone to relax and soothe the whole leg and provide a great experience for overworked feet.

D & E also does nail enhancement with acrylics. Prices vary depending on what you are getting done. At the moment, however, D & E is not hiring due to slow business. A license to work for D & E nails is required. They are open Tuesdays- Saturdays from 9:30a.m. to 7pm and Sundays 12-6 p.m.

There are a few more stores, but it is not known exactly what they are going to be yet.


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