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Eagles For Christ to visit ‘College Night Out’

Photo by: Henoc Kivuye


Fellowship of Christian Athletes makes its way to Oklahoma Christian University as “Eagles For Christ,” an athletic group dedicated to serving the needs of Christian Athletes.

“Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a nonprofit, non-denominational organization passionate about sharing Christianity with high school and college athlete students,” junior and baseball player Cale Coshow said.

Every year, FCA has a College Night Out for Christian athletes in the State of Oklahoma. Although it is geared mainly towards athletes, College Night Out welcomes non-athletic students as well.

“A lot of people are hesitant to come to FCA because they are not athletic,” senior Eric Randall said. “We want to encourage people that they don’t have to be athletes to join FCA. It is not an exclusive meeting. Anyone can come to Eagles for Christ and be a member.”

Last year FCA hosted College Night Out in Norman; this year it will be in Edmond at Life Church, on I- 35 and Second Street. College Night Out is free to all students. Students will listen to a great speaker who is an athlete himself and has faced many of the same major issues most Christian athletes face.

Coshow, who was a member of the FCA Leadership Team at Oklahoma University before coming to Oklahoma Christian, is a member of FCA Eagles for Christ.

“Being a member of FCA has changed my life tremendously,” Coshow said. “It’s changed my life, and I can see that it has changed everybody’s life. It has made me a better person to realize that I need to put God first in every aspect of my life.”

FCA gives athletes and non-athlete students alike a chance to improve their spiritual walk and to meet people who can shape them into doing just so.

“I have met so many people from different parts of Oklahoma,” Coshow said. “It is nice to know that everyone is facing temptations, and you have followers who can help pull you out. It is wonderful knowing people who can help you to deal with the stresses of life.”

Oklahoma Christian supplies food and T-shirts to help advertise and to encourage more students to join Eagles for Christ. The goal is to reach everyone at Oklahoma Christian, and even across the state, to become members of FCA.

“As athletes, a lot of people look up to us, so hopefully we can use that platform to share God’s Word with them,” Coshow said.

During the summertime, college students from Oklahoma Christian’s FCA go to Cross Point Camp for five days to hang out with other athletes, where they participate in building relationships with the high school and middle school students.

“I am the shy one; it has helped me talk with people and not be shy,” senior Lindsy Moore said. “I can talk with kids about Christ. I have formed new friendships. We also have Cross Point Camp in June for high school and middle school students. We talk with the kids and mentor them, and show them that we have been there in their place.”

Moore encourages students to try something new.

“Just come and let God do the rest,” Moore said. “We will be friends with you. Give Eagles for Christ a chance. Eagles for Christ gives me something else to do other than studying.”

College Night Out will be on Feb. 8 at Life Church starting at 7 p.m. There will be free food and T-shirts and any students are encouraged to attend. There will be opportunities to meet new people.

“It is a good atmosphere to be in and find someone to talk with,” Moore said. “We get to eat great food, and afterwards we break into small groups. And we get to know each other and talk about leadership and how we can bring it to our schools. Everyone comes together, and we worship what really matters, which is Christ.”

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