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Ethos adds virtual kudos opportunities

The Ethos office has changed many events to protect students due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Getting all of your kudos is important at Oklahoma Christian University, so the Ethos office is providing many virtual and socially distanced options.

Ethos Director Summer Lashley has worked at Oklahoma Christian University for over 20 years. She started in the Student Life Office, but she has now worked in Spiritual Life for the past six years.

Lashley spoke about the new virtual kudos system. 

“Nothing is ideal right now about how we’re having to do spiritual life, but I certainly think we’ve been creative and have come up with some really good options,” Lashley said. “We really wanted to make sure our students had as many options as possible if they did not feel comfortable attending in person.”

Lashley said the Spiritual Life Office will consider offering virtual kudos in the future.

“I anticipate them continuing next semester,” Lashley said. “But after this school year it depends on if the students like them and the feedback that is received from them.” 

The Spiritual Life Office came up with the virtual kudos idea this summer to protect students and faculty during the coronavirus pandemic.  Some of the virtual events include RightNowMedia, a series of videos with posted responses.

Some previously in-person chapels on campus are offering virtual chapel options. Beam Chapel has turned the chapel into a game. Other chapels like CNS Chapel are having chapel in-person and available on Blackboard.  

Ethosis also offering a virtual bible study. Students fill out a form and the Ethos teamplaces them in a study group.  Attendees receive one kudo per session while group leaders receive two.

Marcus Blackwell, a junior psychology major, gave some context on the situation. 

“They are more accommodating because it is obviously easier to access kudos and to interact with one another and engage on campus,” Blackwell said. “[It] provides a means to opportunity but there is still some prevailing issues far as the Wi-Fi and gaining access on campus.” 

Blackwell said he plans using the virtual chapel option and hopes they are available for future semesters. 

“I do plan on attending a few sessions,” Blackwell said. “I am a full-time student and work part-time so the virtual kudos are beneficial to me.”

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