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Gamma Rho wins Spring Sing

Oklahoma Christian University hosted its 52nd year of Spring Sing this weekend in Baugh Auditorium. The women of Gamma Rho won the overall show with their production of “Little Bo Peep and Her Sheep.”

The men of Kappa Sigma Tau won second place, Iota Kappa Phi took third and Chi Lambda Phi finished in fourth place.

Immediately following the Saturday night show, Gamma Spring Sing Directors Olivia Bryant and Jewel Loya both said it felt amazing to win Spring Sing.

“I think me and Jewel put pretty much everything we have into it,” Bryant said. “I think our main motivation was that Gamma hasn’t won in 12 years, and we were just determined to break that streak, and we did. It’s great knowing that the girls put their all into it, and we could tell that they put their all into it.”

According to Loya, the team started working on their production at the beginning of the summer and did not stop until their show last night.

“So much hard work all through summer, the whole show was written by the beginning of summer, and we were done,” Loya said. “Then we just put in the work.”

In its fourth year of philanthropy efforts, this year the SGA decided to sponsor New View the largest employer of blind and vision-impaired individuals in the state of Oklahoma. The team raised $7,953 for the organization. Ashley Cannon directed the project.

“It was an absolute pleasure to serve as the philanthropy coordinator this year,” Cannon said. “I could not have done it without Abigail’s help and Katie Martinez in student life, and of course the awesome team at NewView. They are such fun people to work with, and they all helped make my job really easy and I’m really proud of what we accomplished.”

Audience favorite: Gamma Rho

Most Original Show: Alpha Gamma Omega

Best Blurb: Chi Lambda Phi

Best Banner: the Freshman Class

Best Lyrics: Phi Omega Nu

Best Costume: Gamma Rho

Best Vocals: Iota Kappa Phi

Best Choreography: Chi Lambda Phi

Student Favorite: Kappa Sigma Tau

Staff Favorite: Alpha Gamma Omega

Unity award: Phi Omega Nu

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