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Mail center moves to new location, changes mailing addresses

As students are settling in at Oklahoma Christian University for the fall semester, the mail center is adjusting to its new location as well – Heritage Village. With construction underway on the new student center, some university services, including the mail center, relocated across campus.

According to student announcements, the new mail center will better accommodate packages of all sizes — increasing organization and efficiency. While students living at the Tealridge Retirement Community will receive their mail the same way, most everyone else on campus will have to make some adjustments.

“All students living in the residence halls have been assigned new mail center box numbers,” a university email said.  “As long as they live in the residence halls, regardless if they move, this box number will remain the same.  For mail being handled by the United States Postal Service (USPS), these students will be using OC’s P.O. Box number address.  For packages shipped by carriers such as FedEx, DHL and UPS, they will use the 2801 E. Memorial Road address.”

The University said the new procedures affect not only students in residence halls, but also those living in apartments. The email sent to students said the address changes are due to specific regulations from mail carriers.

“Students living in the apartments will now use their apartment address for mail service handled by the United States Postal Service, and will receive their mail at the stand alone boxes at the apartment building,” the university email said. “They will be issued mail box keys when they check in with housing.  If they are receiving packages from carriers such as FedEx, DHL and UPS, then they will need to use the 2801 E. Memorial Road address.”

Executive Director of University Services Kinney Bryant said one benefit of the mail center’s new location is its close proximity to other student services on campus. He said although it is a further walk for students living in residence halls, it will be more convenient for those living in the apartment buildings.

Bryant said aside from the location change, the mail system will largely remain the same as years past. He encouraged students to contact the mail center with any questions they may have.

“It is basically the same system, other than remembering which address to use for USPS mail versus freight companies,” Bryant said. “Please feel free to ask questions through email,, or at the counter.”

Senior Coby Poole said he is concerned students may be confused about where to pick up their mail. He said information about the changes should have been better communicated to the students.

“I personally feel that it will be more confusing,” Poole said. “The information about having to change your address, for students in the apartments if they want to have a package delivered to campus, was not well publicized. The location of the mail center itself wasn’t well publicized in my opinion as well.”

Senior Kali Scholle said although mail center employees have always been efficient, she hopes the new system will benefit students even more. She said the mail center’s previous location, in the student center, was convenient for all students and made package pick-up simple.

“I liked how the mailroom was in a convenient location,” Scholle said. “Everyone walks through the student center at some point in the day — whether going to class, or the dorms or to the caf — so it was nice to be able to walk by the mailroom and pick up your mail easily.”

Scholle said she thinks the changes may be confusing at first, but believes it will run smoothly as students get used to the new location. She said she is happy with the changes, because she will not have to travel as far to pick up her mail.

“Personally I am very happy with the changes they are making,” Scholle said. “Living in the apartments, it will be very nice to have our mailboxes so close. Having to carry around another key will take some getting used to though.”

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