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Meet the 2022 Spring Sing Hosts

Spring Sing is one of Oklahoma Christian University’s most consistent annual events in terms of student involvement and seats filled. Each year, a handful of students are selected as hosts and hostesses for the show.

With the 2022 Spring Sing production now less than two weeks away, here are this year’s hosts and host executive.

Chandler Jones, a junior, said being a host has been a dream 10 years in the making.

“In 2012, I saw my first Spring Sing show,” Jones said. “I remember watching the hosts perform and thinking how they must feel like rockstars getting to sing on stage in front of the whole school. That night, I told my family it was my dream to be a Spring Sing hostess when I got to OC.”

A decade later, Jones gets to live out that dream for the first time.

“My freshman and sophomore years during Spring Sing allowed me to create so many close bonds and friendships,” Jones said. “This year, I have been able to develop more friendships alongside seven other amazing hosts that I can’t wait to share the stage with.”

Freshman Alexi Hufstedler has a similar story.

“I have been watching Spring Sing since I was a kid,” Hufstedler said. “I have dreamed of being a host ever since I first watched Spring Sing and I am so excited for the opportunity to be a part of it.”

Junior Andrew Haagensen said he has had next to no Spring Sing experience. However, having performed in a few high school productions, Haagensen said he was interested after hearing what Spring Sing was about.

“Walker (LaRue) told me about it last year and said it was really fun,” Haagensen said. “I was like, ‘this does sound like fun.’ And I missed doing musical productions.”

Senior Walker LaRue said he enjoyed his time as a host in his junior year and looked forward to reprising that role for his senior year.

“I am very blessed because it’s pretty special to be a host and I get to be in this position twice,” LaRue said. “I’m really excited for this year because it is my senior year and I want to have a blast and make incredible memories.”

Junior Kelan Owen, another second-time host, said the event creates an opportunity for bonding.

“Spring Sing is a great time for clubs to get together and have a good time,” Owen said. “As far as hosts go, I get to hang out with some of the best people on campus singing songs and learning music.”

Senior Kali Thompson said she appreciates the support from fellow clubs.

“Everyone’s really supportive of each other,” Thompson said. “There was just another club in there (as we were practicing) cheering us on, saying, ‘Encore! Encore!’”

Senior Logan Riddle said he is excited for the full audience.

“One of the good things about Spring Sing is that it’s so big, so massive – it’s everyone,” Riddle said. “In Cabaret we have 20 performers, 25 with the band, but with Spring Sing we have at least 100, if not 150 or 200 people on stage. It’s just such a big event and I’m so excited to be back.”

Senior Jalyn Green is also a second-time Spring Sing hostess.

“I loved being a host two years ago—it was my favorite music experience and I wanted to enjoy that feeling again,” Green said. “Our song selections are really good, and they are so fun to perform. It’s always so fun to see what everyone puts together.”

Senior Kenzie Murphy, this year’s host executive, also said she is excited for this year’s music.

“I think some of the music they’re doing this year will be really special for a lot of people in our age group,” Murphy said. “They’re doing a medley of songs that we grew up with.”

As host executive, Murphy teaches the hosts their songs and ensures they have everything they need to perform.

“I hope they (the audience) have fun watching the show,” Murphy said. “They should be having just as much fun as people on stage.”

Opening night for Spring Sing is on Thursday, March 3 at 7 p.m.

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