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Netflix goes offline, introduces downloadable shows

Netflix’s newest update just made binge watching, long plane rides and family road trips a whole lot easier. Netflix recently made an announcement making certain movies and shows available to stream offline.

On Nov. 30, Netflix announced, “Netflix members worldwide can now download in addition to stream great series and films at no extra cost.”

According to its webpage, Netflix listened to the request of fans who said they want the ability to continue watching their favorite series in areas where internet is expensive or limited.

To download a show offline, find a show, click on it and tap the “Download” icon. Once the program has downloaded, a blue icon will appear next to it. The title will then appear under the “My Downloads” section and once selected, viewers are enabled to watch offline.

Junior communication design major Daniel Marshall said he thinks it will be a nice feature, but is not sure if he will use it.

“I think overall the idea of it is great and it will be nice for families, but it doesn’t really hit our age range,” Marshall said. “When college students drive, which I’m guessing is primarily when you are going to download them to watch, they drive themselves and don’t really watch movies on the way.”

Marshall said unless the downloads are going to be different than the live stream, he doesn’t think there will be a huge difference.

“I don’t think we are going to use it a lot on campus because we have Wi-Fi all the time,” Marshall said. “It’s a nice feature but it’s not going to be a huge change.”

According to the New York Times, while most Netflix programming is covered by the new feature, some television shows and movies are unavailable due to licensing restrictions.

Sophomore Carina Schanz, originally from Germany, is playing for Oklahoma Christian’s University soccer team. She said the download feature is great for her long flights home.

“The new feature of Netflix is awesome because I can use it on long travel like my flight home or when we travel for soccer because the Wi-Fi on the bus doesn’t work,” Schanz said.

According to Netflix, in order to download Netflix shows and stream offline, Apple devices must run iOS 8 or a more recent version. Users must also have the Netflix app installed and updated.

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