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News Brief: March 6-8


Kidnap and Return of Americans in Mexico

The Complicated Release and Commentary of Additional Jan. 6 Footage

Oklahoma-Native Gets Four-Chair Turn on ‘The Voice’


The Kidnapping and Return of Americans in Mexico

On March 7, a heavily armed Mexican military convoy traveled to the U.S. to deliver two Americans who survived an attack and kidnapping at gunpoint which left two others dead on March 3.

The group of four were attacked as they drove into Matamoros, reportedly there for cosmetic surgery according to relatives.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed his condolences.

“We are very sorry this happened in our country,” Obrador said. “We send our condolences to the families of the victims, friends and the United States government, and we will continue doing our work to guarantee peace and tranquility.”

On Tuesday, Mexican officials confirmed the arrest of a man named Jose “N,” 24.

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The Complicated Release and Commentary of Additional Jan. 6 Footage

“For the sake of transparency,” White House Speaker Kevin McCarthy released thousands of hours worth of security footage from the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, to Fox News.

Later, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson spoke on the additional footage in his segment and received backlash for reportedly “downplaying the violence” of the event.

In an internal message to officers, Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger said the clips Carlson used did not portray events accurately.

“(Carlson) conveniently cherry-picked from the calmer moments of our 41,000 hours of video,” Carlson said. “(His) commentary fails to provide context about the chaos and violence that happened before or during these less tense moments.”

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) noted McCarthy’s choice to release the footage solely to Fox.

“I think it’s unfortunate that [Carlson] is the exclusive holder of the tape recording,” Cramer said. “I just think it’s the kind of thing that should be made available to everybody at the same time, so as to not have a political angle to it.”

The timing of the release may also bear consequences for legal proceedings regarding Jan. 6: several defendants have requested delays to review the additional material and one attorney has said they intend to move for a mistrial as a result of the new footage.

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Oklahoma-Native Gets Four-Chair Turn on ‘The Voice’

Oklahoma native Ross Clayton from McLoud appeared on ‘The Voice’ Monday night as season 23 of the show premiered. Clayton’s performance of ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color’ earned him a four-chair turn from this year’s coaches: Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, and Chance the Rapper.

“I’m telling you please, please,” First-year coach Niall Horan said as he dropped to one knee after turning the other coaches chairs around. “Forget about whatever any of them said. That’s why I spun them around, I didn’t want to hear any more crap.”

Shelton pitched Oklahoman kinship and gigs.

In the end, Clayton chose Horan as his mentor.

Watch Clayton’s performance here, or click here to read more.

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