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Oklahoma Christian COVID-19 update

Oklahoma Christian saw new COVID-19 cases last week as the effects of the virus began to take a toll on its students.

According to the Oklahoma Christian COVID-19 dashboard, which was last updated on Aug. 31, there are 19 current cases, 108 total students in quarantine and 30 total positive cases since July 30. By press time the COVID-19 dashboard had not been updated.

Since the rise in cases last week there has been no change to Oklahoma Christian’s coronavirus policies

One Oklahoma Christian student, Andrew Biggers, tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday of last week after his symptoms began on the Friday before.

“Last Friday evening I was overtaken by a splitting headache and an abrupt fever,” Biggers said.

Before he knew he had contracted the virus, he said he believes he attended class while unknowingly having COVID-19.

“The symptoms started happening on Friday and I went to class the whole week leading up to it,” Biggers said.

Biggers stated that he began quarantining as soon as he realized his symptoms and received a test as soon as he could. He is unaware of where or when he contracted the virus.

The university has implemented strict punishments for those who knowingly violate their COVID-19 guidelines. These punishments do not apply to Biggers as he was unaware he had the virus.

In an email sent out to students on Aug. 27, the university stated that students who host or attend a “gathering” off campus could face suspension.

“If you live off campus and host a gathering that violates safety and student life protocols (no masks or distancing), you risk automatic suspension from the University for at least one semester,” the email read. “If you attend a gathering of this sort on or off campus, you are also at risk of significant disciplinary action.”

Last week, Oklahoma saw its new COVID-19 cases push the 7-day average to the highest it has been since early August.

On Friday, Oklahoma saw 1,013 new cases and 11 new deaths. The statewide death toll now sits at 846.

Edmond saw 166 new cases, and the city case total now stands at 1,975. The death toll stands at 21.

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