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Senior activities promote nostalgia and hope

Photo by: Henoc Kivuye


As the spring semester winds down, some seniors wait in anticipation for the future while others look back and reflect on their memories from college.

Along with the final assignments seniors have to finish, Oklahoma Christian offers opportunities to have fun with their senior classmates. A few of the activities available include a “Thunder Night” and Senior Carnival. Kimber Maxwell a senior at Oklahoma Christian University, went to the Thunder Night and shared her experience.

“I went to the Thunder game on the night that was Club night for Spring Sing, and I didn’t know if anyone would be there who I knew,” Maxwell said. “I went and found people to hang out with and it was a blast.  Nothing beats free Spaghetti Warehouse and a Thunder game. It’s really neat that OC alumni association does this sort of event for the seniors because we put so much time and money into OC that it was really special and exciting to get to have a fun free night on them.”

Senior class president, Shannon Joiner explained the idea behind the Senior Carnival.

“It was to provide another activity for those who didn’t get to go to Thunder games or wanted to just have a chill day or have an activity to go to with their friends,” Joiner said.  “Plus with the chance to win prizes and dunk deSteiguer, Phelps, Hartman, LaMascus, and Arter, where else would you want to go?”

Many seniors use these last days to look both to the future and the past, including Kristen Matlock, a fifth year art studio major graduating this spring. Matlock talked about her future plans.

“I have a job that isn’t in my major, but I can go full time and so I’m going to just continue to go with that job, and it will be able to support me until I can figure something else out,” Matlock said. “I’m not too concerned about it because a job is a job.”

Caleb Smith is graduating this spring as a fourth year computer engineering major. Smith has a few worries about his future; he is also excited for what is to come.

“There’s a lot of potential for whatever God has planned,” Smith said. “I’m really excited for whatever it is he wants me to do because I feel like this is a time in my life when I have had a lot more freedom, almost because my future only really involves, at this point for sure, work. That excites me.”

Timothy Kaboya, like Matlock and Smith, is graduating in a week. He is a fourth year computer science major. Just like his fellow peers, Kaboya has some nerves about what comes next.

“Where do you see yourself in five years; where do you see yourself in ten years?” Kaboya said. “Sometimes, those questions are really tough to answer. It’s really hard to have a clear path, a path outlined of where you’re going to be. Much of it is really important. That is what I am really nervous about.”

Matlock, Smith and Kaboya all have advice for other students.

“Cherish the moments that you have in college, because they don’t last forever,” Matlock said.

After spending several years at Oklahoma Christian, these students have gained some insight as to how to have the best experience possible in college.

“I think it is better to be excellent at a few things and really succeed and pour yourself into a few things rather than just be okay, or just spend some time in a few areas,” Smith said. “Do what is best for you. Not what is best for your friends, not what is best for your parents… just do what you’ve got to do, even if it is tough.”

Kaboya has tips for underclassmen.

“Class load wise, if you don’t take most of your tough classes, you find you have a significant workload when you are almost done,” Kaboya said. “It puts a burden on you have your workload of classes, and then you also have to be applying for jobs, you have to be applying for grad school. So it is better if you plan out things early.”

Oklahoma Christian has given a separate experience and take-away for each of these students.

“There’s the emphasis of faith in learning,” Kaboya said. “It helps put things in perspective and give cause to what you’re doing.”

Each student has something that they have enjoyed about being at Oklahoma Christian.

“I love the closeness of the community; I love the relationships you can build with students from every year and with faculty and staff,” Smith said. “I really enjoyed getting to know so many different people here.”

For all the seniors graduating on April 26, 2013, it will be a day of pride.

“I am very proud that I am graduating from OC,” Matlock said. “I just think that OC is revered among the Oklahoma City metro community, and I am proud that my roots are from here and that I get to say that I graduated from here, and I think it was definitely worth every penny that I spent.”

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