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Your Vote, Your Voice: Eagle PR campaign promotes student voting

Eagle PR’s voting campaign is playing a big role in getting students registered to vote and complete the census. 

Eagle PR is Oklahoma Christian University’s student-run public relations firm which  “organizes and executes campaigns and other content while working with real clients. 

Josh Watson, Eagle PR staff advisor, spoke about registering to vote and completing the census along with Danica Hammack, an Eagle PR member in her second semester at Oklahoma Christian. 

Eagle PR chose to do a campaign on the Oklahoma Christian campus to promote the “civic duty” of responsibilities in a democracy. Additionally, they provided activities on campus, such as workshops with information about the census and registering to vote.

“We did messaging on social media, handing out flyers around campus, then we set up tables at high traffic areas such as the bigger, more attended chapels,” Watson said. “The main thing was come see us and we can help you navigate and answer questions and help complete the census.”

The census campaign ended Sept. 30, the initial deadline to complete the census. After this deadline, Eagle PR transitioned to helping people on campus register to vote, providing information such as requirements for out-of-state students, handing out forms at bigger chapels and giving out a list of states allowing voters to register online.

“We set up in the Brew here on campus one day, but our biggest event to wrap up the campaign is going to be with Taking Sides Chapel,” Watson said. “The focus of Taking Sides Chapel is ‘Does your vote matter?’ and so we met with them at their training and went over some talking points and pointed them towards our website.”

“Your Vote, Our Future” is a phrase Eagle PR used throughout the voting and census campaign. According to the campaign’s website, voting means “you are voicing your opinon and not letting others decide on your future for you.”The Eagle PR site emphasizes being in control of your future instead of putting it in the hands of someone else.

Eagle PR also created  student announcements in which they partnered with President John deSteiguer. They spoke on how the census data affects the distribution of federal funds to different states. 

According to Danica Hammack, a sophomore member of Eagle PR, the team was able to get advice from Oklahoma State Representative Ryan Martinez about registering to vote..

Eagle PR is measuring their numbers via social media clicks on their website and the amount of forms they have handed out and received back. They will have the numbers posted on their website.

“We have not done a campaign like this before, but it is worthy of doing it again,” Watson said. “Let’s step up and get our voice heard as a campus. This is definitely a topic OC students need to hear about on a regular basis.”

Watson also thanked President deSteiguer. 

“He did such a great job with his videos and was so supportive of our work.”

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