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A Farewell From SGA President Micah Burk

“And now, the time has come.” 

This melody runs through my head as I sit in the Brew and write this farewell. Honestly, I am at a loss for words, and I know whatever I end up writing in this article will not even begin to express everything I wish I could share. Running for Student Body President was never something I thought I would do, and yet, here I am. It is safe to say the Lord has beautifully planned and orchestrated this whole story and journey from the moment I filed until these last days in office. 

So how do I spend my brief words in this farewell? I could run through hundreds of reasons why serving you has been the biggest blessing in my time here as a student. I could mention all the aspects which play into the reason I love this place we call home. I could go on the road showcasing how incredibly proud I am of this University, our students’ achievements and the wonderful people who allow this place to run and function on a daily basis. You bet I could share some stories from the happenings on campus or the inner works of SGA. I could also formally list off achievements and a performance report, and while there are many, you would probably stop reading here if I were to proceed. 

While there are many areas I could address in this farewell, I truly believe it would be a waste of words if I did not spend this time thanking you. So to you, the student, the professor, the staff, the associate and most importantly, my brother or sister in Christ, thank you! Thank you for caring for this community, being a part of this family, and investing your time, energy and effort into this little world which sits off E Memorial Road. You are the heart and soul of Oklahoma Christian University. You are what makes this place so special. 

Thank you, students, for trusting me to lead and represent you as the Student Body President. Between you and me, there is a world full of people who are proud of you for choosing to continue on to higher education, and there are hundreds of supporters and family members who are so proud you chose OC! I feel incredibly honored to have spent the past 365 days representing you. You have made me feel proud, loved, encouraged, trusted, joyful and blessed. Yes, there were long hours and many early mornings I poured into this leadership position, but every single moment was worth it because of you. Madison, Josh, Chastity and the entire Senate can attest to this. You are outstanding, and the world truly does await your story. I am so thankful to have crossed paths with you this year. I pray blessings over you and your future. 

To the coaches, faculty, staff and other supporters, I extend my most sincere appreciation. Throughout this year, I have closed our weekly Senate Assembly Meetings with a charge for SGA to “go love and go serve.” This has been such a great anchor for everything we have done this year, and it has been the heartbeat of my administration. I want you to know that you were a great part of the inspiration for this charge. Never have I been surrounded by individuals so passionately and purposefully pursuing, loving and serving in their workplace. So many of you I consider family because you think the same of me and all of us students. Thank you for your sacrifice, service and commitment to our community and students. One of my favorite things to do this year was to meet with many of you and hear what is going on in your corner of campus. Thank you for the transformational impact you have had on my life and the students that have had the honor of knowing you. You beautifully embody what it looks like to live a life of love and service. 

As I bring my thoughts and words to a close, I want you to know how hopeful I am for the future of this University. Through working on the inside this past year, it has become so evident the Lord’s hand, plan and provision completely covers OC. You have made one of the best decisions of your life by being a part of what God is doing in and through Oklahoma Christian! I’ll say it again, because there are no better words, thank you for trusting me with the honor of being your President. I challenge each of you to continue to be the hands and feet of the Lord by loving and serving those around you, wherever you may go! Although I will no longer be here for you as “President,” please know I am always here for you as “friend.” 


President Micah Burk

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