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Biden’s Document Disaster

The recent breaking news discovery of the classified documents found at multiple properties belonging to President Biden has eclipsed headlines across the nation. With continuous updates being provided by officials, American citizens await concrete information and the federal government to employ proper accountability, even if it be upon the President himself.

On Thursday, Jan. 12, President Biden’s aides notified the Department of Justice about a classified document found at Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home. This notification only followed a rabbit trail of documents found previously by the President’s attorneys at his non profit think tank office, the Penn Biden Center, managed by the University of Pennsylvania.

The documents discovered at the think tank in D.C. were originally found on Nov. 2, 2022. In an effort to prevent the Democrat Party’s ratings from plummeting right before Midterm elections, one can only assume the Biden administration kept the findings quiet. 

Soon after the initial revelation, the FBI began investigating to ascertain whether or not federal law was broken and, as we can all guess, account how much the Department of Justice would need to cover for the President’s blunders. Covering for hypocrites among the echelons of the federal government should be common courtesy by now for the Bureau, though.

Per the political corruption the Biden family has become well known for, the White House did not publicly address the documents found at the Penn Biden Center until Jan. 9. The U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and practically the entire Department of Justice knew about the situation for almost two months before. The Biden administration only continues to insult the American people by covering for the Biden family’s corrupt actions, decisions and policies.

To make matters worse, many have deduced that Joe Biden has kept these documents, purposefully, since 2017, when the vice president’s office space had to be cleared. 

The White House has been overly vague regarding the matter: “…the White House was hardly forthcoming about the existence of a second set of documents. When it confirmed the first discovery in the D.C. office, there was no mention of the second batch discovered in Delaware. It was only after the news reports revealed the later discovery did the White House acknowledge it,” according to NPR.

Many have expressed outrage against the President’s hypocrisy and the shadiness of the entire situation. Not only did President Biden rake former President Trump over his possession of government documents, but the Department of Justice directed an FBI raid on Trump’s personal residence.

 Multitudes are wondering where the same outrage, demands and zeal is from Democrats now that Biden has been caught red-handed in the same act. The Biden administration and Democrats seem to churn out nothing but utter hypocrisy in full view for people to behold. 

Though the White House’s lazy response has frustrated some of Biden’s Democrat allies, raising even more suspicion is the White House’s actual knowledge of the amount of documents, their content and locations.

A former president containing documents for about two years or so is one thing, but the sitting U.S. President being in possession of classified information from six years ago, and only acknowledging such documents when pressured to do so, is nothing less than a high demand for serious investigations.

Many adversaries of Biden, including Republicans in Congress, have only echoed the sentiment of the pure, unmatched hypocrisy Joe Biden and his administration has slapped the American people in the face with.

Something on this level of corruption and deviousness has not been seen since, debatably, the Nixon Watergate scandal. As news continues to develop, America is left wondering how much corruption the Biden administration needs to display before anyone is held accountable. The situation can only progress from here, as the nation vies for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

“‘Joe Biden is under investigation for hiding highly classified documents in a closet for the last six years. Biden was stuffing classified, top-secret documents at the Penn Biden Center right in the middle of Washington, D.C. — right next door to a steakhouse and a short little walk from the Chinese embassy. What were these documents? Well, nothing major. Just top-secret intelligence involving Iran, Great Britain and Ukraine. Just taken out right when he was leaving the vice presidency in January 2017. So, what was in these documents that Joe Biden didn’t want the incoming Trump administration to see?’”  – Jesse Waters, Fox News.

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