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China Renews Critical Concerns

China and Chinese-government affiliated corporations have concluded purchasing U.S. farmland, increasing national security concerns among the public and hundreds of members of Congress.

On Monday, Oct. 3rd, over 100 Republicans in the House authored a letter voicing concern over the possible consequences of China acquiring sizable amounts of U.S. farmland. The letter highly encouraged the incompetent Government Accountability Office (GAO) to perform its duty and investigate China’s renewed, continued interest in gaining United States agricultural property. 

The letter came after multiple congressional members’ warnings, specifically of Republicans, to President Biden and Cabinet about China’s sneaky moves in agricultural areas, most recently, North Dakota.

“Fufeng Group, a huge agricultural company with significant links to China’s government, purchased 370 acres as a location for its new wet corn mill in the agribusiness park just a short distance from Grand Forks Air Force Base,” according to a recent article from the Washington Examiner.   

The threat is so inherently blatant and yet the federal government, controlled by Democrats, chooses to ignore the security concerns caused by the intimidating move from the CCP. To think the United States’ No. 1 adversary purchasing land conveniently twenty minutes away from the U.S. Air Force Base which just so happens to be hosting research on unmanned aerial systems, the lack of movement from Democrats on this matter is astounding, but not unexpected.

It is almost as if the enemies of the U.S. who wish to undermine our military security and federal government, as well as President Biden, are being allowed  to do so on our own front door

After additional reports from the U.S. intelligence community, it seems Republicans in Congress are the only members who care about renewing iAmerican security, specifically regarding Chinese espionage or secrecy. 

House GOP members emphasized in their push to GAO Comptroller General Gene Dodaro that the move by China to strategically purchase land was anything but unorchestrated:

“The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission warned in May that Fufeng has ‘ties’ to the Chinese government and to the Chinese Communist Party. The [Commission] noted the U.S. air base ‘houses some of the United States’ top intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities,’” according to the Washington Examiner.  

 Lack of congressional movement on the possible security breach, as well as the Executive branch’s lack of sincerity, is alarming. Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy once again reveals itself, as the Speaker of the House has been particularly silent on the matter despite being the supposed “challenger of China.” 

The Executive Branch’s lack of concern over China’s blatant espionage move disguised as economic initiatives calls for the GOP to proclaim the threat louder. As China continues to expand its farmland in the U.S., now up to a whopping 352,000 acres, Congress must move to address the severe national security concerns the foreign land ownership poses, as well as those within our government who refuse to take action against the CCP and its anti-American intentions.

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