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Congressional Control

As Midterm Election results pour in from across the country, Americans voice their opinions as incumbent or new representatives and senators advance the people’s interests in Congress.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, the 2022 Midterm Election results started pouring in from  all 50 states, who voted to send their respective candidates to walk the Capitol steps in Washington, D.C. come this January.

Even though results will be disputed and re-counted in some areas throughout this week, a majority of the results see Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives, while the Senate is still up for grabs. 

The GOP managed to win House races in multiple historic places, including the New York 17th Congressional District, where Republican Mike Lawler defeated longtime incumbent Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. Maloney is the Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and represented a deep-blue district of New York which voted for Biden over Trump by approx. 10 points. 

Additionally, Utah Republicans “held all four House seats and one Senate seat that were up for grabs,” according to Fox News. The GOP is expected to send an entire Republican delegation to Washington, D.C., marking Utah as a victory state for conservatives. 

While Democrats slightly over perform in certain areas, Republicans dominated multiple states and their respective state legislatures. Running against disastrous Democratic economic policies seem to have proved successful as voters flip the House red in response to Biden’s presidency and Democratic-majority 117th Congress. 

Democrats were able to hold onto many of their Senate races, allowing them to keep hold of the chamber. However, Democrats, as of Nov. 10, are still projected to lose critical House races in Arizona, Michigan and New York, as Nancy Pelosi’s arrogant speakership is predicted to crumble.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party outside of Florida and Texas has no vision or foundation to carry through in swing states for Senate races. Democrats’ supreme inability to govern the nation since 2020 should have swayed more votes towards the GOP by a large margin. 

Most of the Republican Party’s weak turnout can be attributed to their trend shifting from Trump to DeSantis models. Most Trump-endorsed candidates lost in the Senate races, but if DeSantis plays his cards right, he can lead the GOP to unprecedented victories both in the 2024 Presidential Election and any congressional seats up for election.

Even though multiple congressional seats are up in the air, at this point, the GOP is poised to take the House, throwing a wrench in any future legislative plans President Biden may have for the next two years of his presidency. Now, Republicans can serve as a much needed legislative check and thorn-in-the-side towards the Biden administration congressional goals. 

It may not be as much as some were expecting, but Republicans at least will be able to rule the House of Representatives, thwarting any radical attempts by Democrats to push partisan legislation through before 2024.  

One fact is known, the new 118th Congress which is set to convene on January 3rd, 2023, will have a different composition, as the most powerful legislative body in the world tries to advance and protect the United States’ interests.

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